AddIn365 deliver Office 365 digital workplaces

AddIn365 digital workplace products help organisations to build an engaged and productive workforce; whether their priority is to deliver clear internal communications, real-time collaboration or speedy document creation.

AddIn365 are a team of specialists that have been working with Office 365 since its inception. Our digital workplace products have been built to evolve with the Office 365 platform, supporting organisations around the world in increasing the return from their investment in the Microsoft Office 365 platform.

AddIn365 is a Microsoft ISV partner and Global Top 20 Office 365 Solution Provider, as recognised by CIO Review.

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What our customers say

AddIn365 have helped us to meet our business objectives in a timeframe of only nine business days. Thanks to AddIn365, our digital workplace is already receiving great feedback and enjoying a high level of adoption.

With a new key communications tool allowing us to reach every one of our global employees on whatever device they want, at a time that suits them, we will be in a great position to engage our teams as we build the business. Plus, the AddIn Analytics package and our evolving business needs will guide us on how we enhance the platform.

Our leadership team are particularly thrilled that AddIn Work Hub has helped us to get such a speedy return on our investment in Office 365.

Al Meyer

Head of Internal Communications, Truphone

AddIn365 have helped ea Change Group to understand what Office 365 has to offer and to make use of the wide range of native services made available. AddIn365 have deep knowledge of the Office 365 platform and we would recommend them to other organisations looking to get a return on their investment in Office 365.

Kieran Tompkins

IT Manager, EA Change Group

AddIn365 did a brilliant job in designing our Office 365 digital workplace roadmap and we’re thrilled to be continuing our journey with them. We have big ambitions for the pioneering digital experience we want to deliver to our team and believe we have the perfect mix of knowledge and experience with AddIn365 to deliver it.

Hari Miller

Head of Internal Communications and Community Engagement, TSB

AddIn365 deliver Office 365 Keynote, Microsoft TechDays 2016