AddIn365 offers a range of mobile and tablet friendly digital workplace products, also known as add-ins, for Microsoft Office and Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.

AddIn365 products are designed by Wes Hackett, Office Server and Services MVP, who works closely with clients, the MVP community and the Microsoft Product Group to ensure the product roadmaps are aligned with your needs, digital workplace trends and the Microsoft Office 365 trajectory.

Not only is our add-in roadmap community driven, we invite our clients and partners to quarterly strategy meetings where we share our latest product developments, support our network in understanding what’s next with Office 365 and what’s new in the world of digital workplace. For those that stick around after, our quarterly drinks are also a great opportunity to share tips with other AddIn365 customers and meet our partners.

AddIn Work Hub

What value will the AddIn Work Hub add to my organisation?

  • Deliver to employees a personalised workspace where they can access the right content, at the right time, for their role
  • Promote knowledge transfer between teams and departments that are working on related projects and tasks
  • Enable staff to work together irrespective of location or time zone

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AddIn Intranet

What value will the AddIn Intranet add to my organisation?

  • Communicate your company vision, mission, values and corporate strategy to employees
  • Inform staff about new products and services
  • Empower staff to contribute, feedback and spark ideas for future growth

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AddIn Document Builder

What value will the AddIn Document Builder add to my organisation?

  • Provide staff with a personalised view of their most used content and templates
  • Increase consistency across documentation by allowing staff to produce content once and re-use across multiple documents
  • Improve the quality of documents by allowing employees to quickly create and then easily update document templates

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