AddIn Document Builder

AddIn Document Builder is a Microsoft Office add-in that enables the workforce to create high quality documents quickly, through the creation and reuse of assets.

Teams can also quickly collaborate to create reusable templates for the wider organisation.

All AddIn365 products:

  • Offer a responsive mobile experience and native mobile apps
  • Can be quickly branded to reflect your organisation’s visual identity
  • Come with the option of AddIn Analytics, a package that helps your organisation to track and measure employee usage patterns of the Office 365 platform and AddIn365 products
  • Can live alongside other custom applications and products you might already have in use

What value will the AddIn Document Builder add to my organisation?

Provide staff with a personalised view of their most used content and templates


Increase consistency across documentation by allowing staff to produce content once and re-use across multiple documents

Improve the quality of documents by allowing employees to quickly create and then easily update document templates

Which Microsoft services does the AddIn Document Builder leverage?


AddIn Document Builder is a Microsoft Office add-in for Word, PowerPoint and Excel.