Many companies spend vast amounts of money implementing change of all types – be it technology, processes or strategic direction – yet fail to generate returns or positive impact on their business. Paradoxically, they expend time and money and increase confusion and pain.

That’s because injecting change into a company without communicating the rationale, required results or anticipated impact will result in cynicism, apathy and wasted resources. Worse still, the required results are unlikely to be achieved.

blue goose is an internal communications agency that combines strategic and creative thinking to deliver compelling and effective employee communication. blue goose come up with communication strategies, plans and campaigns to influence how employees think, feel and act. In short, blue goose help make change happen.

blue goose work with global brands at both a strategic and implementation level with:

• employee research and stakeholder engagement
• communications and creative strategy
• communication planning
• campaign design
• tactical execution
• production
• campaign success measurement

blue goose customers include Anglo American, HSBC, UBS and Cisco Europe.