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TSB select AddIn365 and Mando to architect Office 365 digital workplace

View Of Inside A TSB Branch

Written by Kerstin Roubin

Kirstin leads the customer engagement team at AddIn365 to organise events, webinars and face-to-face sessions to communicate how AddIn365 products increase value and ROI on investments made in Office 365.

2nd December 2015

AddIn365 was today selected with partner Mando to architect the Office 365 digital workplace roadmap for TSB, covering their Office 365 intranet and Office 365 collaboration and productivity requirements.

The roadmap is a critical step between establishing the TSB Office 365 digital workplace vision and the implementation plan which delivers on that vision.

AddIn365 and Mando headed off stiff competition from established Microsoft partners to architect the Office 365 digital workplace roadmap.

Wes Hackett, CTO at AddIn365 has said, “AddIn365 and Mando are uniquely positioned to work with TSB to produce their Office 365 digital workplace roadmap. AddIn365 bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge and understanding of Office 365, whilst Mando are leading experts in internal culture change. Together we are able to produce a roadmap for TSB that will provide the team with an understanding of how they will meet their vision, when and who will be required at each stage of the journey to make it a success.”

The TSB Office 365 digital workplace roadmap project tails a decision by TSB bank to invest in the Office 365 platform, following a de-merger from Lloyds Banking Group and an acquisition of TSB by Sabadell bank.

To find out more about TSB you can visit their website here:

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