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AddIn365 CEO, Suzy Dean, contributes start-up advice to NatWest magazine

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Written by Kerstin Roubin

Kirstin leads the customer engagement team at AddIn365 to organise events, webinars and face-to-face sessions to communicate how AddIn365 products increase value and ROI on investments made in Office 365.

9th November 2016

Suzy Dean was recently interviewed by NatWest magazine on what it takes for a start-up to excel.

AddIn365 has been identified as a start-up success story for its customer line-up that includes global brands such as Truphone, TSB and Shire Pharmaceuticals – all of which invested in AddIn365’s first year.

Suzy advised to NatWest magazine that “markets move quickly, so start-ups should ask themselves every day why they exist. Your USP on day one may not be a USP by month six when your competitors have caught up. Then what? Why should employees work for you or organisations work with you? Being ahead of the pack in terms of USP encourages clients to work with us over other vendors that have been around longer. It takes a lot of discipline and a culture of self-improvement to do this consistently, but it gives a business longevity.”

The full article can be read here: NatWest magazine

Some of AddIn365’s customer projects are summarised here: addin365/work

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