How to turn off your Microsoft Teams notification ‘ping’

Written by Suzy Dean

Having enjoyed 16 years within the Microsoft eco-system Suzy has an unrivalled and unequivocal understanding of what solutions organisations need to perform at their best and how to meet those requirements on time and in budget. One of the three Microsoft MVP’s within Addin365, Suzy applies her acute understanding of digital possibilities when leading the leadership team and their clients.

15th September 2020

If you join a Microsoft Teams call and other folk start to message in the meeting chat, each message can ‘ping’.

This can make it hard to listen to what is being said. To turn off the ping, go in to Chat, in your left hand rail and find the meeting you are in.

Click on the ellipsis, which will reveal a fly out menu.

Click mute – don’t worry, this won’t mute you or the other speakers.

Carry on with your call. If you wish to un-mute, you can follow the same steps again.

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