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AddIn365 MVPs Suzy Dean and Wes Hackett speak at The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference **New Dates 7th – 9th December 2021**

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Written by Wes Hackett

Wes has been a Microsoft MVP for 8 years and leads on customer and product strategy at AddIn365. He has been working with Office 365 since its 2007 release and has led the delivery of the world’s largest Office 365 implementations, for some of the most organisationally complex companies that include WPP, ARUP, TSB Bank and Atkins.

18th February 2021

The postponed SharePoint Conference 2020 is evolving into The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference! Whilst still the largest SharePoint event in the industry, the new conference is expanding to include more of Microsoft 365, with additional sessions and keynotes covering Microsoft Teams and Power Platform. As always the conference will continue to focus on the latest innovations as well as best practices, tips and tricks in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft 365. The event will now be hosted at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, December 7 – 9, 2021


AddIn365 CEO, Suzy Dean, will be speaking alongside AddIn365 CTO, Wes Hackett, on ‘How to execute your communications strategy using Microsoft 365.’


Microsoft 365 offers multiple communications channels today; from SharePoint news and Yammer conversations to Stream video and targeted communications in Teams. With employees working across the platform and from multiple devices, how should a communications specialist engage with the workforce today?


With so many great capabilities available out of the box, news and communication owners are no longer asking ‘what do we need to build?’ but ‘how can we get our message to the right part of the business?’ The challenge here is two-fold. The first is in identifying how new capabilities that can be found within the Office 365 service suite might support communications tactics. This involves keeping abreast of how Office 365 services are evolving on an on-going basis. SharePoint is a good example of a service that requires particularly close attention as it updates with major new capabilities almost every month. The second challenge is how to reach a business which uses a diverse set of channels, email, Yammer and Teams to name but a few. How can Microsoft 365 lighten the burden on the communications team and also extend their reach?


This session will provide a framework through which common communications objectives can be aligned to Microsoft 365 services and where your workforce spends their time. We will provide real life examples and results, to help you make the most of your rich Microsoft 365 toolset.


Suzy Dean, AddIn365 CEO, has said of the event, “It is a huge privilege to be speaking at The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference. Communicating performance and important information is an important focus for most organisations. We look forward to sharing our best practices on how this can be done.”


The Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference 2021 is a must-attend event for anybody responsible for getting value from the SharePoint and OneDrive services, as a business or IT stakeholder. With more than 200 sessions there is a lot to learn from experts that have often undertaken tens, if not hundreds, of implementations using the SharePoint and OneDrive services.


For $50 off your conference ticket, please book using the discount code DEAN or HACKETT.


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