AddIn365 webinar 9th March 2023: How to design your digital workplace to deliver productivity gains

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Written by Audrone Do Nascimento

9th January 2023

Delivering engagement and productivity

With Microsoft 365 providing an increased number of services beyond SharePoint with which you can build your digital workplace, it can be hard to know how to approach the planning and delivery of your project.

It can also be hard to know what to use when. Should a team planning a digital workplace today encourage the use of Teams or Yammer conversations? Should an integration be delivered with a webpart or a Viva Connections Dashboard Tile?

With the recession causing all organisations to think twice about investing in digital employee experience, how can project teams ensure their digital employee experience design – and implementation – delivers productivity gains?



In this webinar AddIn365 will present their method for delivering a digital workplace in Microsoft 365, that supports an increase in employee productivity.

Planning approach You will hear how we help organisations to approach articulating their needs and choosing Microsoft 365 technology surfaces (SharePoint, Viva, Teams) on which to deliver employee experiences.

Integrated experiences demo We will demonstrate Live examples of what integrated digital employee experiences look like, that make best use of Microsoft technology and meet productivity requirements.

Delivering productivity gains As Finance Directors listen sympathetically to initiatives that drive employee productivity, in this session we will explain how to take these experiences further to deliver productivity gains – a recession must.

Speak with a Microsoft MVP that has delivered hundreds of digital workplace projects – This webinar provides the opportunity for attendees to ask questions.


Benefits of attending this webinar

Learn an approach for digital workplace design that will help you maximise employee benefit.

See some Live examples of how the Microsoft technologies can coexist to deliver an intuitive employee experience.

Hear from a global expert, on what works.

Learn about the productivity gains that can be delivered by going further in your thinking.



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Thursday 9th March 2023 10am (GMT)

Thursday 9th March 2023 4pm (GMT)


Meet your host

Suzy Dean MVP

Suzy Dean

AddIn365 CEO and Microsoft MVP

Amongst the 2 million Microsoft practitioners globally, there are a few hundred awarded MVP status for their elite expertise in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. AddIn365 is home to three of them. Suzy Dean has been a Microsoft MVP for four years and has been responsible for the delivery of intranets, portals and communications capabilities, into organisations, since 2004.

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