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How do you get employees the right content, when they need it?

What Is The AddIn365 Bot And AI Package?

The AddIn365 bot and AI package is designed to help your employees get the information they need, when they need it.

Helping employees to do their best work in Microsoft Teams is accelerated using the AddIn365 bot and AI package, which delivers personalised content packs.

Relevant information is available quickly to employees, using a conversational interface in SharePoint Modern, which leveraging the latest developments in natural language, for accuracy.

The Benefits Of AddIn365 Bot And AI Package

AddIn365 Bot and AI package will help your employees to:

  • Get to the content they need, to do their best work
  • Access best practices from across the organisation
  • Experience a more personalised and simplified digital workplace

Want To See It In Action?

Which Office 365 Services Will We Use?

The AddIn365 Bot and AI package makes use of Azure Services and Bot Framework 4.

Microsoft Services Utilised

“We have created an intelligent layer for today’s Office 365 digital workplace, which brings simplicity and relevance to employees, whilst providing value to the organisation by ensuring everybody is following best practices. A must-have addition for any organisation looking for competitive advantage.”

Suzy Dean

CEO, AddIn365