The challenge

How do you leverage Viva Connections to engage your mobile and hybrid workforce?

Wincanton is a supply chain specialist that provides distribution and transport solutions, from setting up and operating distribution networks to container transport and hosting. Wincanton employs 20,000 people across 200 locations in the UK, with 5,000 head office workers and 15,000 frontline workers. 

Wincanton Intranet

AddIn365 are experienced in helping complex organisations like Wincanton to get value from Office 365. We were blown away by what AddIn365 have shown us is possible with new services such as Viva Connections. AddIn365 have a deep knowledge of what Office 365 can do today and what we can do with it in the future. This insight convinced us that Office 365 is the right platform to meet our internal communications ambitions and AddIn365 are the right partner for Wincanton to help us get a good return on investment in our Microsoft licences.

Richard GiffordWincanton CIO

The context


In 2020 Wincanton rolled out Office 365 just before the Covid-19 crisis, this allowed the business to make use of Microsoft Teams throughout the pandemic to support internal collaboration.  

As the work from home government mandate set in, Wincanton wanted to optimise their internal communications experience, to better inform and engage their workforce. James Wroath, Wincanton CEO, wanted to ensure the employee focus on growth and customer experience would continue, even as many head office workers worked from home. Wroath also wanted to ensure employees had a means to let the leadership team know how things were going, via two way communications tools.  

Wincanton had in situ an on premises and bespoke built intranet, which was largely used as a data repository for content such as corporate policies.  

Wincanton people

Wincanton is the largest British logistics firm, operating from over 200 sites with a 3,500-strong fleet of vehicles.

Wincanton intranet

Wincanton has invested in AddIn365’s Creative and Page Kit and Site Builder modules, to enhance SharePoint Modern.

The ambition 

Wincanton defined the employee experience they wanted to deliver, as well as a core feature list. Office 365 met the requirements across the services that Microsoft have made available.

Wincanton want:

  • An easy news creation capability, which can be delivered by SharePoint Online.
  • A multi-channel approach to communications, which can be met with SharePoint, Stream and Teams publishing experiences.
  • A fully personalised interface, which can be met with Viva Connections.
  • Rich media formats, which are delivered via Stream video and Live Event capabilities.

Wincanton have engaged Microsoft Charter Partner, AddIn365, to help them deliver their Microsoft 365 intranet experience. In addition to consulting and design services, Wincanton have invested in AddIn365’s Creative and Page Kit and Site Builder modules, to enhance SharePoint Modern. Wincanton have also invested in AddIn Analytics, to help measure business value of the new communications experience.  

To discover how AddIn365’s intranet solutions can help support your digital transformation journey, book a free demo with one of our 3 in-house Microsoft MVPs via the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Wincanton are bold and ambitious in wanting to deliver a gold standard digital employee experience, using the latest capabilities from Microsoft and cutting edge methodologies, automations and products from AddIn365 to deliver the project effectively. We look forward to sharing how Wincanton adopt capabilities like Power Platform’s Flow for content distribution and Viva Connections for a personalised employee dashboard as the project rolls out to the workforce.

Suzy DeanAddIn365 CEO

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