About AddIn365

AddIn365 help employees and employers to create, converse, share and learn together, on the Office 365 platform

What we do

We help employees to use the right parts of Office 365 to complete their work. In doing so, we help organisations
to utilise Office 365, maximising their return on investment in the Office 365 platform.

How we do it


We provide easy to use, modern and engaging intranets, using Office 365 services and our AddIn Intranet product.


We help teams to create and work together from any device, anywhere, using Office 365 and our AddIn Work Hub product.

Strategy & Implementation

We understand your business objectives, then tell you how they can be met with Office 365 and the required AddIn365 products. We create an implementation plan to meet your business objectives, in a timeframe that suits you.


We continuously measure progress, to make sure your objectives are met and you get a solid return on your investment, using our AddIn Analytics product.

What drives us?

AddIn365 are a team of specialists that have been working with Office 365 since its inception. Our values are:

  • Quality: To use our products and services to deliver success for you against your business objectives.
    We always demonstrate a measurable return on investment.
  • Simplicity: We deliver easy to use, modern and impactful technology that helps everybody to do their
    work more easily.
  • Continuous improvement: We use our knowledge and expertise to continuously challenge our own assumptions,
    our purpose and how we deliver value to you.
  • Integrity: We act with integrity when engaging with you, your partners and our competitors.

Our Founders

Suzy Dean

Suzy Dean

Founder and CEO

Wes Hackett

Wes Hackett

Founder, CTO and Microsoft MVP