Our story

Who we are



Reacting to a market demand for better integration and a simpler user experience within Microsoft 365, Microsoft MVPs Suzy Dean and Wes Hackett founded Addin365.

In a direct response to Microsoft’s expansion of Microsoft 365 capabilities to include new services such as Delve, Stream and Sway, Addin365 announced a mission statement to help support those organisations wanting to make the most of these new capabilities.

With a product-led approach for cost-certainty and to provide maximum business value, Addin365 produced three pioneering products, bringing them to market in November 2015: Addin Intranet for publishing, Addin Work Hub for productivity and Addin Analytics for insight. These products revolutionised our customers’ investment in Microsoft by plugging the gaps in the Microsoft 365 platform and bringing together different Microsoft services into set packages, to meet specific business needs.

Within a busy first 12 months of starting Addin365, Suzy and Wes had secured contracts with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, financial and advertising companies. This led to the accelerated growth of Addin365 to becoming one of the most trusted and pioneering innovators of digital productivity solutions in the Microsoft 365 marketplace.

Microsoft were early and highly vocal advocates of Addin365, for providing an enhancement and better augmentation of Microsoft services such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, which helps Microsoft customers to get return on their investment in Microsoft 365. Microsoft’s unwavering support for the Addin365 approach is evidenced in Microsoft’s positioning of Addin365 at their flagship conference Ignite every year since 2017 alongside Addin365’s Charter Partner status.  


In a year that has delivered new and unforeseen challenges, Addin365 has launched Addin Modular; a create your own service offering. Addin Modular is designed to ensure organisations no longer pay for ready-made product packages that are only partially used. You, the customer, can now prioritise and select which product modules you need to meet your business objectives and park those that you don’t.


In partnership with Microsoft, Addin365 have launched a Viva Connections Dashboard Tile collection, to help organisations boost their productivity using Microsoft’s new Viva Connections mobile experience.

Driving deep personalisation of Microsoft services, the new Tile collections bridge the traditional gap between publishing and productivity experiences.



The Leadership Team

Ruben Hugo

Consulting Director

Ruben’s extensive consulting experience spans the sectors of banking, healthcare, and government, where he has honed a keen insight into what clients need when it comes to technology change projects.

As a solution architect he excels at designing solutions that meet business objectives and adhere to the highest standards and industry benchmarks. 

At Addin365, Ruben is our Consulting Director. He leads our dynamic team of strategic consultants and provides oversight to ensure your digital employee experience project is a resounding success.

Laura Jones

Finance Director

Laura directs financial planning at Addin365, taking responsibility for investments, risk management, budgeting and product pricing.

Since joining Addin365 as Finance Director and board member in 2019, Laura has introduced KPIs for all business areas and an automated forecasting model to help guide leadership decisions. Laura’s forward-thinking approach to fiscal management underpins Addin365’s continued growth and stability.

A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA), Laura has enjoyed over 20 years as a Chartered Accountant since beginning her career with KPMG as an Audit Manager.





Wes Hackett

Chief Technology Officer

Wes leads customer and product strategy at Addin365. He has been working with Microsoft 365 since its 2007 release and has led the delivery of the world’s largest Microsoft 365 implementations, for  some of the most organisationally complex companies that include WPP, ARUP, TSB Bank and Atkins.

Wes has been a Microsoft MVP for 10 years. MVP status is only given to a handful of individuals by Microsoft, globally, for their technical expertise. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions and to solve real world problems.

As a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Apps and Services, Wes enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge, speaking at Microsoft events such as TechDays Online, Future Decoded and Ignite conferences.

Shaun Frohlich

Board Advisor

Shaun joined the Addin365 board in 2019 as Non-Executive Director. Shaun inputs into Addin365’s strategy, planning and provides coaching for the leadership team.

Shaun has chaired and advised the boards of over 40 companies in the IT sector, bringing a wealth of expertise in business growth and governance to bear.

Shaun’s creative approach to problem solving has been relied upon to drive success within Microsoft, and the Microsoft eco-system, for 38 years.









Suzy Dean

Chief Executive Officer

Having enjoyed over 15 years within the Microsoft eco-system Suzy has an unrivalled and unequivocal understanding of what solutions organisations need to perform at their best and how to meet those requirements on time and in budget. One of the three Microsoft MVP’s within Addin365, Suzy applies her acute understanding of digital possibilities when leading the leadership team and their clients.

Suzy won Computing Magazine’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award and has been recognised as one of the UK’s top businesswomen by Management Today. Suzy has been awarded the prestigious Microsoft MVP award each year since 2019.

Suzy speaks regularly about best practice delivery of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams projects at Microsoft’s global Inspire and Ignite conferences, often showcasing Addin365 customer success stories.


Our Values


Our team operate at the very cutting edge of the latest technologies, to ensure we  deliver success for you against your business objectives. We always demonstrate a measurable return on investment.


Our trust, earnt by both Microsoft and our clients is at the core of everything we do. We act with integrity when engaging with you, your partners and our competitors.


We deliver easy to use, modern and impactful technology that helps everybody to achieve their goals quickly and easily.

Continuous Improvement

Our monthly product releases optimise existing product capabilities and release fresh, new, features to keep your digital workplace looking like it was designed and configured yesterday. 


Awards and recognition


  • Suzy Dean, Microsoft MVP Award, M365 Apps and Services
  • Wes Hackett, Microsoft MVP Award, M365 Apps and Services
  • Paul Schaeflein, Microsoft MVP Award, M365 Development


  • Suzy Dean, Everywoman Athena Award (Winner)
  • Institute of Internal Communications Best Employee Experience Campaign (Finalist)
  • Suzy Dean, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Wes Hackett, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Paul Schaeflein, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Development


  • Suzy Dean, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Wes Hackett, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Paul Schaeflein, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Development


  • UK IT Industry Awards Cloud Innovation Provider of the Year (Finalist)
  • UK IT Industry Awards Specialist Vendor of the Year (Finalist)
  • Suzy Dean, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Wes Hackett, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Paul Schaeflein, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Development


  • Suzy Dean, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Wes Hackett, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Paul Schaeflein, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Development


  • Suzy Dean, Management Today 35 Under 35 (Winner)
  • Suzy Dean, Computing’s Women In IT Excellence Awards Entrepreneur of the Year (Winner)
  • Suzy Dean, Computing’s Women In IT Excellence Awards Innovator of the Year (Finalist)
  • Wes Hackett, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Apps and Services
  • Paul Schaeflein, Microsoft MVP Award, Office Development

Microsoft MVP Awards

The MVP Award cannot be studied for, it is awarded by Microsoft Product Groups directly. Of two million Microsoft practitioners globally, there are a few thousand people awarded for their elite expertise.

AddIn365 are home to three Microsoft MVPs; Paul Schaeflein, Suzy Dean and Wes Hackett, making us an obvious choice for any organisation wanting to work with a team of experts.  

Microsoft charter partner status; business applications

Microsoft award 15 organisations globally Business Applications Charter Status each year, as recognition of their outstanding level of expertise in the Microsoft 365 business applications space.

AddIn365 maintains Charter Status for a fifth year running in 2022, for our suite of business applications and their positive impact on our customers. 

Microsoft charter partner status; content AI

To help accelerate customer productivity with services powered by Microsoft Teams, Viva and SharePoint, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Content AI Partner Program, which recognises world-class information architecture services.

AddIn365 maintains Charter Status for a sixth year running in 2023, for our content AI expertise.