We help employees to use the right parts of Office 365 to complete their work.

In doing so, we help organisations to utilise Office 365, maximising their return on investment in the Office 365 platform.

AddIn365 CEO, Suzy Dean, leading Modern Workplace session at Microsoft’s Global Inspire Conference

AddIn365 will be presenting at Microsoft’s global conference, Inspire, on July 16 2018, in Las Vegas.

AddIn365 deliver customer success at Wavemaker

AddIn365 were selected to deliver a new collaboration and productivity experience on Office 365 to Wavemaker’s 8500 strong workforce. Today AddIn365 have shared their project success.

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Work Hub

How do you get employees to collaborate and be productive on Office 365?

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How can you use Office 365 to communicate with employees?

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How can you measure whether employees are using your Office 365 intranet or collaboration experience?