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AddIn Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles

I want to provide employees with a personalised view of their tasks and tools

AddIn Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles enriches Microsoft Viva Connections, to provide a personalised dashboard experience for your employees.

AddIn365 Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles

How to deliver a personalised mobile experience to help your employees be productive and adopt your digital experience. 

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Example of the Viva Connections dashboard on a mobile and laptop. The mobile screen shows square tiles on the dashboard. The laptop shows 5 featured images on a SharePoint page.

AddIn Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles

Dashboard tile packs

Two mobile phones which both have the Viva Connections dashboard showing about six square tiles.

The Viva Connections Dashboard from Microsoft provides a personalised view of information and tasks. Content on the Dashboard can be targeted to users in specific roles, markets, and job functions.

AddIn365’s Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles are ready-to-go tiles that you can choose for your employee dashboards. Fully personalised, you can opt for different tiles to meet differing employee needs.

Provide your employees with data, tools and their tasks, to be more productive.

Deliver relevant personalisation that will engage your workforce and help them to adopt your digital employee experience.

Save time and cost, by buying your tiles, instead of custom building them.

Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CEO Suzy Dean says: “We have created a collection of personalised experiences to put tools, information and processes at your employees fingertips.” 

Available dashboard tile packs

Staying connected

Staying Connected pack provides tiles to help employees connect with their peers, including tiles for employee onboarding, a buddy system and people finder.

Employee services

Employee services pack provides tiles for personal information such as pay slips, expenses and holidays. 

Firstline worker

Firstline worker pack provides tiles for frontline worker information such as processes and vehicle operations.  


Wellbeing pack provides tiles to support positive attitudes about work, such as a praise and recognition tile and mindfulness suggestions.  


Events pack provides tiles to support event socialisation and uptake including event promotion, logistics and feedback.  

IT services

IT services pack provides tiles for IT services including service desk, support tickets and IT equipment.  

Facilities and Locations

Facilities and Locations pack provides tiles for location specific information such as open and close times, crisis response and food and dining information.  

Learning and Development

Learning and Development pack provides tiles to support employee growth such as training options.  

News and Communications

News and Communications pack provides tiles that support two-way dialogue such as FAQs and Ask The Leadership. 

Projects and Processes

Projects and Processes pack provides tiles for project insight including project timelines and RAG status.  


Sales pack provides tiles to support seller insight, including performance dashboards and product brochures.   

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