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Addin Analytics

How can you measure whether employees are using your Office 365 intranet or collaboration experience?

What Is AddIn Analytics?

AddIn Analytics is a visual and easy to consume report that documents employee adoption levels across the Office 365 platform and AddIn365 products.

The report maps actual Office 365 and AddIn365 product usage against success metrics defined by your organisation.

AddIn Analytics helps organisations to generate then maintain a high level of Office 365 adoption across the workforce.

The Benefits Of AddIn Analytics

AddIn Analytics will help your organisation to:

  • Measure project and Office 365 platform return on investment with regular, consistent, documented feedback to project stakeholders
  • Allow your Office 365 experience to evolve with your organisations objectives; measuring and proving engagement with new business initiatives and strategies
  • Identify and provide support to teams that have not utilised the wide range of Office 365 services that are available

Want To See It In Action?

Which Office 365 Services Will We Use?

AddIn Analytics is a Microsoft Azure and Power BI application that supports Microsoft’s content adoption pack.

AddIn Analytics delivers you a holistic view of employee adoption across your Office 365 and AddIn365 platform.

“AddIn Analytics is designed to help organisations generate then maintain employee adoption of their Office 365 services and AddIn365 products, so that they do not find themselves paying for a platform that nobody uses.”

Suzy Dean

CEO, AddIn365