Social Impact

Foodbank Donations to The Watford Foodbank

Helping over 190,000 people from going hungry with foodbank donations

The Watford Foodbank is an independent registered charity that provides crucial support to families and individuals by feeding those in need. They rely on foodbank donations and we are proud to regularly support them.

In 2023, the Watford Foodbank had the highest number of fulfilled vouchers in a year, helping a total of 177,751 people in the local area. They work closely with local community groups and over 95 different agencies to distribute foodbank vouchers and provide three days’ worth of nutritionally balanced food to those in need. 

Number of people helped




The Watford Foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust network, which distributed 3 million food parcels from April 2022 to March 2023, a 37% increase from the previous year.

The Trussell Trust aims to end hunger and poverty permanently and campaigns to make foodbanks a part of history.

Addin365 is one of the largest donors to Watford Foodbank.

Our regular foodbank donations, totalling 1,735kg (May 2024) of food, have directly stopped people from going hungry. The Watford Foodbank is providing an important community contribution and helping by feeding those in need. Their impact is hugely significant. 

“Many salaries do not cover the basic cost of living anymore. For those on social security, benefits have long fallen short of what is needed for adequate food, warmth and shelter. For people that are struggling, the Watford Foodbank provides a vital support net without which they would be going hungry, so I am pleased that we can contribute.

As a child my mum got our bread from the foodbank at South Oxhey Baptist Church. Having a full stomach was not just about sustenance, it provided the fuel I needed to transform my prospects. We believe everyone’s basic needs should be met and that is why helping the Watford Foodbank is important to us.”

Suzy Dean

CEO at AddIn365

Volunteers and Foodbank Donations

At the heart of the Watford Foodbank is a dedicated team of volunteers who work tirelessly to collect, sort, and distribute food to those in need.

These selfless individuals ensure that they distribute the food, gained purely through foodbank donations, to those in need. The volunteers create food parcels that provide three days’ worth of balanced meals. 

The work of these volunteers is crucial in providing support to families and individuals in crisis. 

“Thank you Addin365 for the generous donations. We rely heavily on the community to support one another. You immediately prevented people from the local Watford community from going hungry by providing them with nutritious meals. With the current living crisis your foodbank donations have gone a long way.”

Sunil Shah

Team Lead

About The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust was founded in 1997 originally improving conditions for children sleeping at Central Railway Station in Bulgaria. Later, in 2000, the trust started Salisbury Foodbank in the UK. They provided three days’ worth of emergency food to local people in crisis.

Twenty years later, the Watford Foodbank is one of many in the Trussell network across the UK.