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I want pre-packaged solutions for my business processes

AddIn365’s Power Platform packages will meet many of the standard requirements your organisation will have for workflow and forms. 

Sign up and profile data

If your Active Directory isn’t as accurate as you’d like it to be, you can now ask employees to complete their profile data when they join a community.

News flow into Microsoft Teams

With more employees than ever working in Microsoft Teams, this solution allows for the sharing of news from SharePoint to targeted Microsoft Teams.

Feedback Form

AddIn365’s feedback form allows employees to provide insight into things that matter to you.

Become a contributor

Want to become a site contributor? Complete the contributor form.
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Project status dashboard

Project status dashboard rolls-up status and key project information into a central dashboard for management review.

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Introducing AddIn Modular

Prioritise your requirements; only pay for what your business needs

In a year that has delivered new and unforeseen challenges, AddIn365 has launched AddIn Modular; a create your own service offering. AddIn Modular is designed to ensure organisations no longer pay for ready-made product packages that are only partially used. You, the customer, can now prioritise and select which product modules you need to meet your business objectives and park those that you don’t.

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