Social Impact

Empowering Women in Tech

Supporting initiatives that empower woman to enter and thrive in the tech industry.

Only 26% of the UK tech workforce are women, according to the Women in Tech Survey 2023. We are determined to change this by empowering women in tech. At Addin365, we are dedicated to making a positive social impact and promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. 

Our social impact strategy includes supporting initiatives that empower women to enter and thrive in the tech industry. From early career days for female graduates to back-to-work programs for new mothers. And to guidance for female entrepreneurs seeking funding for growth. We are actively working to create a more inclusive and equitable tech industry. 

Check out our initiatives and see how we are making a difference.  

Foregrounding best practice in SME recruitment and retention 24/01/24

Our CEO, Suzy Dean, had the privilege of participating in a roundtable discussion on foregrounding best practice in SME recruitment and retention, hosted by WM People on 24th January 2024. The event brought together some of the most successful SMEs in the UK. Together we shared insights and challenges on how to attract and retain the best talent in a competitive market. 

We discussed topics such as flexible and hybrid working, family friendly policies, health and wellbeing, and career development opportunities. The event also highlighted the importance of embracing ESG principles, and diversity and inclusion in SMEs. These can have a positive impact on employee engagement, loyalty, and performance. 

The event was a valuable opportunity to learn from other SME leaders. We had the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing conversation on how to create a more sustainable, inclusive, and innovative SME sector. Suzy has said of the event “I am grateful to WM People for organising this event and to everywoman for sponsoring it.”

If you are interested in finding out more about what was discussed, you can request a copy of the white paper.  

Empowering Women in Tech - 15/11/23

As a speaker at the Scaling Up Your Business and Exercising a High Growth Mindset event, our CEO, Suzy Dean, had the privilege of sharing her knowledge and experiences.

Our goal was to inspire and equip entrepreneurs, especially women, to scale their businesses.

Key Themes

During the event, we explored key themes that resonate with anyone aiming for business growth:

  • Strategic Scaling: We delved into the art of knowing when to take the next step. Scaling a business requires timing, and we discussed strategies to expand operations effectively.
  • Mindset Matters: A high growth mindset is essential. We explored how successful entrepreneurs cultivate resilience, adaptability, and a hunger for innovation.
  • Challenges and Solutions: Anticipating roadblocks is crucial. We addressed common challenges such as funding, talent acquisition, and maintaining a healthy company culture.
  • Real-Life Insights: Our panel of seasoned entrepreneurs shared their personal journeys. Their stories highlighted the intersection of business success and social impact.

But our event wasn’t just about knowledge transfer. We also committed to a greater cause. A portion of ticket sales went to everywoman, an organization dedicated to empowering women in business.

By supporting everywoman, we contribute to a more diverse, energized, and profitable tech sector. Our belief is simple: business growth and social impact go hand in hand.

As we scale our ventures, we can also scale our positive influence on society. By fostering an inclusive environment, we create opportunities for all.

If you missed the event, don’t worry! You can access the recording and slides on our website. Join our community, stay informed, and let’s continue making waves in the tech world!

Return To Work Week - Empowering Women in Tech - 26/09/23

As a speaker at the Tech Tuesday event of Return To Work Week, our CEO, Suzy Dean, had the opportunity to share her insights and experiences. She spoke with people who are looking to return to a career in technology or thinking about tech as their future career.

Suzy was delighted to be part of this initiative, which aims to support people who have taken a career break or want to change their career path. It showcases the exciting opportunities and flexible options that the tech sector offers.

Topics of Discussion

Suzy talked about the challenges and rewards of working in tech. Also, the skills and qualifications that are in demand. As well as the resources and programmes that are available to help people get started or refresh their technical skills.

Furthermore, Suzy answered questions from the audience and gave them tips and advice. We discussed topics such as how to find and apply for tech jobs, how to prepare for interviews, and how to balance work and life as a tech professional.

On speaking at the event Suzy has said “I hope that my session inspired and motivated some of the attendees to pursue their tech career goals. To take advantage of the support and guidance that Return To Work Week provides.

I believe that the tech sector can benefit from the diversity and talent of people who have different backgrounds and experiences. Return To Work Week is a great platform to connect with employers who value their skills and potential.

STEM early careers day - Empowering Women in Tech - 07/03/23

As a proud sponsor of the Everywoman Tech Forum Early Careers Day, we had the privilege of sharing our insights and experiences as digital leaders in the IT industry with aspiring female STEM graduates.

Six of the Addin365 team participated in the mentoring sessions and the career fair. We offered valuable advice and guidance to the next generation of tech talent.

By giving our time and knowledge, we aimed to make a positive social impact in several ways:

Empowering women in STEM

We wanted to inspire and motivate the female STEM graduates to pursue their passions and overcome the challenges and stereotypes they may face in the male-dominated tech sector. We also wanted to provide them with female role models and mentors who can support them in their career development and personal growth.

Promoting diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for innovation and excellence in the tech sector. By fostering a culture of belonging and respect for all, we can create a more productive, creative, and collaborative environment for everyone.

We also wanted to showcase the diverse opportunities and pathways that exist in the tech sector for women with different backgrounds, skills, and interests.

Contributing to social good

We are passionate about using technology to improve the lives of people and communities, especially in the healthcare sector. It was important for us to share our vision and mission with the female STEM graduates. To encourage them to use their talents and skills to make a positive difference in the world.

We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with and learn from the female STEM graduates. They impressed us with their enthusiasm, curiosity, and potential. Our hope is that our involvement in the Everywoman Tech Forum Early Careers Day has helped them to achieve their goals and aspirations. We look forward to seeing them succeed in the tech sector.