What is Viva Connections?

Viva Connections has been delivered by Microsoft, as part of most licencing agreements. It provides new communications capabilities and is a service, that alongside Microsoft SharePoint, Yammer and Teams, is a consideration for intranet and digital employee experience owners.  

Viva Connections

Viva Connections

Turbo charge internal communications

Viva Connections

Create a digital home for your employees

Viva Connections

Invest in company culture

Viva Connections

Revolutionise access to tools and applications

What can Viva Connections do? 

Find out how Agrii deployed their Viva Connections dashboard.

More about the benefits of the Viva Connections experience.

  • Bring your SharePoint home (often your intranet home) into Microsoft Teams. Once configured, your SharePoint home can be accessed from the lefthand rail in Teams and your intranet browsed from within Microsoft Teams. 

Benefit: Your intranet will be available in Teams, where your employees are working.  

  • Deliver a new mobile app, that does away with the need to install separate SharePoint, Teams and Yammer apps, by bringing all of these services into a single mobile experience.

Benefit: A single mobile app delivers an easier change management exercise when rolling out your digital employee experience.

  • Provide employees with a new fully personalised universal feed. The universal feed provides you with your Teams messages, Yammer community posts, SharePoint news and even third-party news all in a single stream. The universal feed allows employees to share content in their universal feed with others, comment on it and save to read later, while communicators can boost content and set mandatory reads.  

Benefit: Communicators can be confident that news and information is being consumed, and not worry that publishing in one place will mean content won’t be seen. Employees can enjoy more interaction with content.  

  • Give you a new dashboard experience, that can surface data, tasks, people and tools to employees. The dashboard can be targeted to users in specific roles, markets, and job functions. This means that different experiences can be delivered to sales professionals, project professionals, contact centres and frontline workers, for example. The dashboard manifests as a webpart on the desktop experience and is a primary tab on mobile.  

Benefit: You can support employee productivity and deliver relevant personalisation that will engage your workforce and help them to adopt your digital employee experience. 

  • Integrate with third party systems, both through integration with the universal feed and via Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles.  

Benefit: Your digital employee experience can deliver a seamless user experience between different technology platforms that you have in use. 

How can AddIn365 help me with Viva Connections? 

AddIn365 help organisations to get the best out of Viva Connections with dedicated services and a product offering. 

Some of our clients have looked to deliver a fresh new intranet and we have incorporated these new Viva Connections capabilities into the project process and final digital employee experience that has been delivered. You can read here how we have helped Wincanton, St James’ Place and Wales & West Utilities take advantage of Viva Connections. 

We wanted to help our community have everything at their fingertips and thanks to Addin365’s support, Viva Connections is the solution that provides all Partners and employees a personalised feed that brings together the news, announcements and community posts relevant to them, from across SharePoint, Stream, Yammer and Microsoft Teams conversations. This means we can give all 16,000 St. James’s Place Partners and employees an experience that is relevant to them and will support their productivity.

Hari Miller

Divisional Director, Corporate Internal Communication, St. James's Place

I am pleased that our new colleague experience has been delivered quickly in partnership with AddIn365. The solution architecture that AddIn365 developed for us has made use of core Microsoft services such as SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Stream and Viva Connections. This has helped us to build adoption and use of Office 365 at the same time as meet the business objectives that we have.

Richard Gifford

Chief Information Officer, Wincanton

We are pleased to be working with a partner that has an evergreen product roadmap, as it gives us comfort that our amazing intranet will evolve with the latest digital design trends and still feel new in 18 months’ time. When AddIn365 told us about Viva Connections we wanted to make use of it from launch. AddIn365 could support that from the start because they compliment Office 365 rather than competing with it. This was a real plus for us as we want to make use of new capabilities when Microsoft make them available to us.

Jaime Falarczyk

Head of Corporate Affairs, Wales & West Utilities

AddIn365 can also help organisations that already have an intranet they are happy with, by providing services to: configure Viva Connections to appear in Microsoft Teams, enable the Viva Connections mobile experience and we also offer a range of Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles.

Why are AddIn365 considered experts in delivering Viva Connections? 

AddIn365 have been working with the Microsoft Product Group on Viva Connections, since its inception. We have an unparalleled understanding of what the service provides and how to get best use out of it.  

Hear AddIn365’s CTO, Wes Hackett, in conversation with Adam Harmetz, VP of Product for Viva Connections at Microsoft, discuss the Viva Connections service as it turns 1 year old. 

Reflections as Viva Connections reaches its first birthday

“Viva Connections is an evolution of SharePoint”

Adam Harmetz, VP of Product for Viva Connections at Microsoft. Catch the EXCLUSIVE  interview here, one year after the launch of #MSFTViva


Use cases from the field, sharing success from customers

“It’s about delight being achieved”

Hear Adam Harmetz, VP of Product for Viva Connections at Microsoft speak exclusively to AddIn365 about the #MSFTViva Dashboard


Roadmap for the future, learn what's coming next

“Viva Connections provides coherence…and composability is really important for mobile”

Adam Harmetz, VP of Product for Viva Connections at Microsoft on #MSFTViva


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