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Getting started with AI

With the emergence of new AI tools and capabilities, identifying which tools will deliver the most value to your organisation – and knowing where to start – is no easy task. AddIn365 offer an AI planning pack, which delivers a full analysis of your current digital workplace and identifies opportunities to embed AI.

AddIn365 also have a suite of AI products that are designed to deliver increased productivity, automation and personalisation, and reduce human error.

For those that know what they want, AddIn365 have in-house expertise from three Microsoft MVPs in SharePoint Premium (Syntex), Copilot and Microsoft Fabric.  

AddIn365 are ready to help, regardless of where you are with AI. Get in touch via the button below.

Meet Content Confidence Kit: your natural language bot


AddIn365’s AI-powered Content Confidence Kit helps you to keep your intranet content up to date, so your teams can be confident that they’re receiving the right information.

It becomes part of the SharePoint editing experience. So, whilst you’re creating pages, you are teaching the AI at the same time by adding questions and answers that relate to the content.

Your employees can then use the chatbot to quickly locate the information they need. The Content and Confidence Kit provides a natural language experience where users can type in their questions and receive answers.

You can even allow for vague questions from employees by creating follow-ups for the bot to ask, to delve into their query.

Individuals can provide feedback on the answers they receive, which will be sent directly to the content owner, so they can amend the content or reach out to the sender to provide support. 


How do you use AI to ensure clients get the best possible experience of your products?


FTSE 100 company, St. James’s Place has built a global reputation and brand to be proud of.

To ensure they’re consistently delivering the best possible services to clients, St. James’s Place always look for ways to improve their products.

Having partnered with AddIn365 to deliver a new digital workplace in 2021, it made perfect sense to continue the close partnership to build their new Advice Framework site.

The existing site wasn’t easy to use, as the content wasn’t personalised, the search functionality was limited and ensuring content was up to date was a manual, time consuming process.

AddIn365 delivered a new, AI-powered Advice Framework site, using Content Confidence Kit to provide a chatbot through which users of the content can ask for specific advice (as an alternative to using the navigation) and provide feedback on it.

Since launching, the new Advice Framework site has been widely used across St. James’s Place.

In the first month the site had over 25,000 reads and, in the months since, has had an average of 161,943 reads each month.

This means that St. James’s Place’s Partners are consistently using the new site to access the right information and deliver the right advice to clients every time.

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How can you use AI to ensure consistent governance of Microsoft Teams?

ASMPT is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor assembly and SMT equipment, with 11,300 employees and global presence in more than 30 countries.

ASMPT wanted to deliver a New Ways of Working (NWOW) programme that was designed to automate Microsoft Teams governance, provision content for key business areas in Microsoft Teams and provide content navigation via a chatbot. 

The organisation also wanted to improve how new employees were onboarded into Microsoft Teams. 

AddIn365 was selected by ASMPT to deliver all elements of NWOW, from defining the global governance strategy for Microsoft Teams, to its application.

ASMPT adopted AddIn365’s AI-powered Work Hub products to embed NWOW. Creation Pack was used to automate the implementation of the governance strategy. Content Pack ensured that where required, processes and best practice are adhered to when ASMPT’s employees use Microsoft Teams. Q&A Bot improved self-service and automation through a fully branded chatbot.

Since launch, ASMPT has seen consistent engagement and uptake, resulting in better processes, adherence to governance and best practice, and increased self-service. There are 53 active Creation Packs every month, and active Content Packs increase month on month. 

Want to automate your Microsoft Teams governance?

AddIn365’s Creation Pack will apply your Microsoft Teams governance strategy, without the need for business change management.

Out of the box a Microsoft Team can be created by any employee using Microsoft 365 and that Microsoft Team can be given any name. AddIn365’s Creation Pack allows for the democratised Microsoft Teams creation that Microsoft provides, automatically applying a naming convention, URL, settings and policies in the background.

  •  Retain the use of your democratised Microsoft Teams creation, without losing control.
  • Ensure ongoing alignment to your governance strategy.
  • Evolve your Microsoft Teams set-up with your business requirements.

Creation Pack sits within our wider AI-powered product group, AddIn Work Hub, which also offers Content Pack and a Q&A Bot product.

Want to see Creation Pack, Content Pack and Q&A Bot in action? Click here to book your demo.

Powerful personalisation, delivered Viva Connection Dashboard Tiles

AddIn365’s Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles enriches Microsoft Viva Connections, to provide a personalised dashboard experience for your employees.

Two mobile phones which both have the Viva Connections dashboard showing about six square tiles.

The Viva Connections Dashboard from Microsoft provides a personalised view of information and tasks. Content on the Dashboard can be targeted to users in specific roles, markets, and job functions.

AddIn365’s Viva Connections Dashboard Tiles are ready-to-go tiles that you can choose for your employee dashboards. Fully personalised, you can opt for different tiles to meet differing employee needs.

Example of the Viva Connections dashboard on a mobile and laptop. The mobile screen shows square tiles on the dashboard. The laptop shows 5 featured images on a SharePoint page.


How do you architect a site
for employees with unique requirements?

Agrii Viva Connections

When Agrii, who provide agronomy services, technology, and strategic advice to farmers across the UK, decided to deliver a new digital workplace for their agronomists, they wanted a solution that would make their content more findable – in particular, a mobile experience that would support the agronomists out in the fields with relevant information that supports their work.

AddIn365 built an agronomist dashboard experience in Viva Connections, with card that would deliver key information to the agronomists and support their ability to quickly use research and make recommendations to farmers.

Using natural language understanding and automatic content analysis, AddIn365 created two bespoke tiles:

  •  Job Guides empowers the agronimists to find the scientific and seasonal content they need in SharePoint through AI-powered prompts and options.
  • Collections enables the agronomists to curate pages and documents they often use to meet a particular objective, ensuring they can always quickly access the latest information.

 Agrii also adopted Content Confidence Kit to optimise the findability of key documents and setting up a feedback mechanism for content.

Automate your content processes with SharePoint Premium (Syntex)

The increase in hybrid working has moved more content than ever before to the Cloud. The rapid increase has resulted in unstructured content libraries, making it difficult to find the documents you need in a timely manner.

SharePoint Premium (Syntex) is designed to transform the way you manage content in the Cloud.

Using advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, SharePoint Premium (Syntex) automates content processing, and transforms content into knowledge. This empowers your employees to use insights to make informed business decisions.

Ready to bring your data into the era of AI with Microsoft Fabric?

AddIn365’s dedicated team are experts in setting up Microsoft Fabric for clients. So, if you want to use Fabric to reshape how everyone accesses, manages, and acts on data, get in touch for an introductory call with one of our Microsoft MVPs.

How to power the digital workplace with AI

With AI the focus of many conversations at the moment, it’s important to understand its impact and how to start using it across your digital workplace. New AI innovations and products are being released regularly, prompting many IT professionals to ask “When is it the right time to start using AI?” and “Which products should I introduce first?”

Microsoft has launched new AI capabilities like Microsoft Syntex and SharePoint in Copilot. As IT leaders partner with the business to think about their digital workplace approach, they should become familiar with these new AI products. In this webinar, 10-time Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CTO, Wes Hackett explored what AI-powered products are available to you, which products you should adopt initially, and what AI products are coming from Microsoft in the future.

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