The challenge

How can you use AI to
ensure consistent governance
of Microsoft Teams?

“We selected AddIn365 because of their strong focus on user experience and use of AI to minimise the cognitive effort of adopting Microsoft Teams. We have complex cross-group collaboration scenarios to satisfy and expect to use NWOW (New Ways of Working) to drive further efficiency and growth for the benefit of our employees and customers.”

Ian Bleazard

Senior Director of Infrastructure




Microsoft Teams created using Content Packs, in 12 months

languages implemented



ASMPT is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor assembly and SMT equipment, with 11,300 employees and global presence in more than 30 countries.

ASMPT has 15 major business centres, R&D, and manufacturing sites in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the US.

They are the only company in the world that offers high-quality equipment for all major steps in the electronics manufacturing process – from carrier for chip interconnection to chip assembly and packaging.

The need

ASMPT wanted to deliver a New Ways of Working (NWOW) programme that was designed to automate Microsoft Teams governance, provision content for key business areas in Microsoft Teams and provide content navigation via a chatbot. 

The organisation also wanted to improve how new employees were onboarded into Microsoft Teams.  

With over 11,300 employees within the global organisation, and a complex governance matrix based on location and business area, ASMPT wanted to deliver the project in phases, initially for a third of their workforce, then rolling out globally. The requirements were to: 

  • Ensure all employees within the first phase were onboarded into Microsoft Teams and adopted NWOW.
  • Ensure that as Microsoft Teams are created, they comply to the ASMPT governance framework. 


Wincanton intranet

ASMPT is the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor assembly and SMT equipment with global presence in more than 30 countries. 


ASMPT has 11 manufacturing facilities in China, Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom in addition to 10 R&D centres

The solution

AddIn365 was selected by ASMPT to deliver all elements of NWOW, from defining the global governance strategy for Microsoft Teams, to its application.

 AddIn365’s expertise was used to define a governance strategy for Microsoft Teams that accommodated the varied requirements of ASMPT’s global workforce.

Once the governance model was defined, it was implemented through the adoption of AddIn365’s Creation Pack.

AddIn365’s Content Pack was also adopted to ensure that where required, processes and best practice are adhered to when ASMPT’s employees use Microsoft Teams.

AddIn365 was asked to create a centre of excellence for NWOW stakeholders. AddIn365 created a SharePoint experience in English, Simplified Mandarin and German, to inform and enable ASMPT’s global Microsoft Teams SMEs to understand how to talk to the business about using Microsoft Teams. This was supported with AddIn365’s Q&A Bot was also adopted by ASMPT to deliver a chatbot within their Microsoft Teams experience, to help the business use Microsoft Teams.

“We are delighted to be in the third year of our working relationship with ASMPT and I am thrilled to see the ROI they are getting on our Microsoft Teams governance solution, the Creation Pack.”

Suzy DeanAddIn365 CEO

Creating the right environment for success

As a global business, ASMPT’s different teams had varying requirements for the Microsoft Teams governance strategy. For example, their German team had to consider what governance would be acceptable to their Workers Council. 

Using AddIn365’s experience and expertise in Microsoft Teams governance, the following technical governance definitions were determined with ASMPTs global IT team: 

  • An appropriate naming convention
  • Differences between end user-visible and IT-visible naming 
  • Policies for employees
  • Where guest access is appropriate and where it is not
  • Variations by location and department
  • Microsoft 365 tenant set up to support ASMPT group outcomes – differing business units had different requirements to be catered for

AddIn365’s Creation Pack Skill ensures Microsoft Teams governance is always adhered to, applying an organisation’s governance strategy without the need for business stakeholders to manually apply the right governance settings.

The ASMPT IT team wanted an outcome they termed – IT Governed, Business Driven, which meant the business could adopt Teams at the speed they wanted within a governance framework determined by IT and IT would not be a bottleneck in roll out.  IT also wanted to ensure that Teams were only created to support business outcomes and not create a large Teams ‘sprawl’ that would hamper long term engagement across the business.

Where Creation Packs allow for fully democratised Microsoft Teams creation, so all employees could be given access, ASMPT opted to keep Teams provisioning locked down outside of IT, the creation packs and approach with AddIn365 enabled this. Once ASMPT had signed-off their Creation Pack requirements, these packs were produced and made available to the right stakeholders within the business. For example, the supply chain and business departments in Europe had access to the Europe supply chain Creation Packs.

At the point of delivery, using a chat bot interface affectionately named ASkMe, that was made available in Microsoft Teams, the IT function at ASMPT then enabled core business resources access to create Teams using ASkMe with the desired governance settings in a few clicks. And, as this was all done automatically, there was no need for ASMPT to train their end users, resulting in significant time savings and also ensure that Teams were only created to support business process.

Building a centre of excellence

To embed the Microsoft Teams governance across ASMPT, AddIn365 created a centre of excellence for NWOW.  

The centre supports both the project team and change managers in understanding the onboarding process through how-to guides and FAQs, empowering them to successfully onboard other employees whilst adhering to the company-wide standards.

The hub also documented changes to Microsoft Teams and how these might impact the onboarding process, enabling ASMPT’s team to adapt to any changes with ease. 

Due to the global nature of ASMPT, AddIn365 delivered the hub in multiple languages, starting with German and Chinese Mandarin. This empowered their global SMEs with regional specific resources.

To further embed best practice, AddIn365’s Content Pack Skill was adopted by a smaller cohort of business areas where processes were repetitive and would benefit from automation. Content Pack uses AI to populate a Microsoft Team with information such as Teams channels, folder structures, Planners and third-party tools to help complete work. Content Packs are made available to an employee based on their role.

By building Content Packs specific to the different roles within ASMPT, best practice and defined processes were easy to adopt and embed across the organisation – and by using an AI-powered product, ASMPT were no longer reliant on an individual simply knowing best practice as it would be provisioned for them in an environment to do their work.

Finally, to provide ongoing support to ASMPT, AddIn365 ran bi-weekly support sessions across two time zones to give change managers the chance to ask questions and discuss any scenarios or challenges they need to.

Change and communications

Three people working at computers and smiling

AddIn365 worked closely with the ASMPT change management team
to provide:

  • A communications framework to launch Microsoft Teams to ASMPT employees
  • ADKAR plan assets

AddIn365 worked with the ASMPT change team to support the organisation’s wider move to using Microsoft Teams.

A communications framework and ADKAR plan was produced to socialise the new collaboration capabilities available to ASMPT employees.

ASMPT wanted to ensure the transition to Microsoft Teams was seamless so, as well as adopting Creation Pack and Content Pack to embed governance, process and best practice.

“We’re pleased with the work AddIn365 has done to deliver NWOW. Their use of AI has resulted in increased efficiency and improved cross-group collaboration for our employees, and the cognitive effort of adopting Microsoft Teams was minimised as a result of the partnership.”

Ian Bleazard

Senior Director of Infrastructure

The results

Since launching NWOW, ASMPT has seen consistent engagement and uptake from their workforce, resulting in better processes, adherence to governance and best practice, and increased self-service.  

Creation Pack 

The Creation Pack is used consistently month to month and, in the last 12 months alone (October 2022 – October 2023), ASMPT have used the Creation Pack to generate 743 Microsoft Teams over 12 months, with an average of 53 active Creation Packs a month.

Content Pack

The Content Pack has also seen consistent usage over since NWOW launched and, in the last 12 months (October 2022 – October 2023) active Content Packs have increased month on month.

As a result of the delivery of NWOW, ASMPT’s global employees can optimise their use of Microsoft Teams whilst complying with the governance strategy. Collaboration, visibility and self-service have improved, and new employees are onboarded seamlessly by the change managers.