The challenge

How do you use AI to ensure clients get the best possible experience of your products?

“We’d partnered with AddIn365 previously on the refresh of our corporate intranet site so, to provide a consistent and personalised experience to our Partners and their support staff through the Advice Framework, it made perfect sense to work with them once again on our new Advice Framework. AddIn365 understand our business, our values and what we want to achieve, and we were delighted to work closely with them again.”

Jonathan Green

Advice Portfolio Owner



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Protecting money for over 30 years, FTSE 100 company, St. James’s Place has built a global reputation and brand to be proud of.

To ensure they’re consistently delivering the best possible services to clients, St. James’s Place always look for ways to improve their products.

St. James’s Place’s digital workplace sits at the heart of their business, ensuring their 13,000 Partners and 3,000+ employees always have access to the information they need.

In 2021, AddIn365 worked with St. James’s Place to begin transitioning their digital workplace from Alfresco to Microsoft 365 to deliver a fully branded, personalised experience for their employees and Partners.

With Microsoft 365 in situ as the digital employee experience platform of choice, St. James’s Place next wanted to rebuild their Advice Framework site.

The Advice Framework houses the advice policy Partners must adhere to when giving advice to clients, and helps Partners to understand their clients’ needs and prepare a recommendation for them.

The requirements 


St. James’s Place already had an Advice Framework site set up, which was designed to surface information to their Partners. However, their Partners didn’t find the existing site easy to use.

  • The content was organised according to the teams that created the content, rather than task-based, which would have been more intuitive for Partners.
  • The content was open to all, making it ‘noisy’ and hard to quickly find relevant information.
  • The existing search functionality was poor and didn’t return useful results, making it a challenge to find specific guidance.
  • There was no personalisation, which meant the Partners had to navigate through a lot of content to get to the information they used regularly.
  • Feedback was ad hoc and came manually through helplines or St. James’s Place’s business assurance teams. As such, feedback was not centralised or digitised.
  • Making updates to content as a result of regulatory changes and compliance reviews was manual and had to be facilitated by teams in IT, and therefore labour and time intensive.

To ensure their Partners were able to access  the right information to assess their clients needs and form suitable recommendations, St, James’s Place looked to AddIn365 to deliver a new Advice Framework that would offer AI-powered automation, personalisation and up-to-date content for their Partners.

The solution

Delivering relevant information: targeted content

Content within St. James’s Place’s existing Advice Framework site was open to all, with no content targeting set up. As a result, St, James’s Place Partners struggled to find the information they needed quickly and had to go through irrelevant content to locate the right content.

AddIn365 resolved this issue by designing audience targeting and an intuitive task-based architecture.

AddIn365 worked with St. James’s Place to define the content audiences. Partners, Partner support teams and head office teams were identified as core audiences for the content.

A task-based architecture was designed that mapped a formal reference, a main content area, a subcategory and topic, making the content easy to navigate. By defining audience roles and developing an intuitive architecture, St. James’s Place were able to show the right content to the right roles.

Powering personalised experiences: using an AI mix toolkit


St. James’s Place wanted to deliver a personalised experience to the users of the Advice Framework.

AddIn365 offer a suite of AI tools, some of which were deployed to support this objective.

AddIn365’s Collections capability sits within the Advice Framework site and on mobile, as a Viva Connections dashboard tile.

Collections allows individual users of the Advice Framework to create virtual “handbags” of content (page and document based) where they can collect relevant guidance and return to it quickly at a later date – removing the need to search for it again.

With Collections visible both within the new Advice Framework site and on mobile, Partners are now able to access the information they need, whether they are on site with clients or in the office, on their laptop or mobile.

Content Confidence Kit

The St. James’s Place’s Advice Framework site had no formal feedback process set up, with much of it received verbally into teams and with no single point of centralisation. With an ongoing requirement to optimise the advice being given, something easy to use, immediate and automated was required.

AddIn365’s Content Confidence Kit was introduced to fix these issues. The Content Confidence Kit provides a chatbot on the Advice Framework site through which users of the content can ask for specific advice (as an alternative to using the navigation) and provide feedback on it. This AI-powered chatbot has relieved the reliance on internal technical helplines and allowed Partners to self-serve simpler queries.

The fully branded chatbot provides the Partners with content homed in the site, so there is no requirement for St. James’s Place to manage a second set of bot-specific content.

As feedback comes in from users of the site, the feedback is centralised in a list so that content owners can take the feedback onboard and optimise content accordingly. Furthermore, the Content Confidence Kit provides an ‘all questions asked’ list that has helped the Advice Framework team understand content that is required, which may not exist today. This has hydrated the Advice Framework content roadmap based on the real needs of users, which in turn increases value and the relevance of content to Advice Framework users.

The results


Since launching in June 2023, the new Advice Framework site has been widely used across St. James’s Place.

In the first month the site has had over 25,000 reads and, in the months since has had an average of 161,943 reads each month, which means that St. James’s Place’s Partners are consistently using the new site to access the right information and deliver the right advice to their clients every time.

Uptake of the chatbot has seen similar success rates and, in the first month alone, a total of 810 questions were asked by St. James’s Place community.

“We’re pleased with the launch of the new Advice Framework. Our Partners feel more empowered to deliver the right advice to clients, as the information they need is easy to find and their content journey is now personalised to their roles. We look forward to continuing our partnership with AddIn365.”

Jonathan Green Advice Portfolio Owner

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