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Welcome to New Habits, a Microsoft Teams podcast

New Habits is a podcast produced by Suzy Dean, Paul Schaeflein, Wes Hackett and Wictor Wilen. The podcast panel will discuss, bi-weekly, the opportunity and benefits around using and developing for Microsoft Teams. 

Episode 9: All Things Wild – How is Microsoft Teams fairing out in the wild?

The panel discusses Microsoft Teams mobile and the wider concerns about guidance vs sprawl.

Episode 8: Communications features in Microsoft Teams

The panel discusses new communications features in Microsoft Teams and how they can be used in conjunction with other Office 365 communications features.

Episode 7: Teams Adoption with Karuana Gatimu

This week, the panel is joined by Karuana Gatimu from the Microsoft Teams product group to talk about adoption of Teams and Office 365.

Episode 6: Teams Platform discussion with Christian Maier

This week, Christian Maier from the Teams Platform ecosystem team at Microsoft joins the panel to provide his insights around recent updates to the platform and the announcements from Build 2019.

Episode 5: Recently released and upcoming features in Microsoft Teams

This week the panel reviews new features recently added to Microsoft Teams: Live Events, Kaizala integration, a new Calendar app, live captions and customised backgrounds.

Episode 4: Microsoft Teams feature feedback on UserVoice

This week the panel reviews the Microsoft Teams UserVoice site, providing their expert opinion on features coming to the application, as shown on the UserVoice site.

Episode 3: Connectors and Tabs in Microsoft Teams

This week the panel discuss the Microsoft Teams extensibility model, focusing on Connectors and Tabs. What’s the difference between the two and when should they be used? The panel also discuss developer experiences and user experiences for both models.

Episode 2: Bots and conversational interfaces

The panel discusses using bots to interact with users and systems via Microsoft Teams this week. Why have bots become popular within the Teams context? The panel also discuss Who bot and T-bot, Microsoft’s own Teams bots.


Episode 1: Microsoft Teams and the App Store

This episode will explore the Microsoft Teams app store. What is the Microsoft Teams app store and what are some of the scenarios for using it? The panel will look at some of the opportunities and challenges with this capability.