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ea Change Office 365 Case Study

How do you ensure adoption of Office 365, with limited resources?

The challenge

ea Change Group is a London based consulting company that specialises in recruitment for financial services.

ea Change Group had an operational objective of utilising Office 365 services as quickly as possible. They wanted to adopt Office 365 to support employees in being more efficient; more aligned to organisational values and able to deliver value to customers more rapidly.

EA Change Group employees had been receiving some internal communications by email and the communications team wanted to use Office 365 to deliver a rich employee engagement strategy.

With limited budget, ea Change Group were looking for Office 365 experts to teach them how to use Office 365 to meet their business objectives and to upskill their internal team to use Office 365 services, on an ongoing basis.

The solution

ea Change Group needed to select an Office 365 partner that could quickly up-skill the internal communications team in how to align Office 365 services to their internal communications strategy, to meet their business objectives of:

  • Delivering a mobile first experience for employees; most are out day to day on client site and would not be logging in to a desktop experience
  • Deliver timely and relevant multi-channel communications to different audiences including the leadership, sales force and consulting teams
  • Making use of rich media formats including video and imagery
  • Embedding new starters into the company culture
  • Helping the business to deliver a more competitive customer service with employee access to the right information at the right time
  • AddIn365’s Office 365 platform knowledge and strategic consulting fitted the bill.

    An AddIn365 consultant was made available to ea Change Group to teach the internal team how best to use SharePoint, Delve, Stream and Sway.

Years of recruitment expertise

Days to deliver

Office 365 services utilised

Successful employee engagement strategy

“AddIn365 have helped ea Change Group to understand what Office 365 has to offer and to make use of the wide range of native services made available. AddIn365 have deep knowledge of the Office 365 platform and we would recommend them to other organisations looking to get a return on their investment in Office 365.”

Kieran Tompkins

IT Manager, ea Change Group

The outcome

AddIn365 worked with ea Change Group to help them understand Office 365 intranet services, from SharePoint and Stream to Delve and Sway. With only a few days of support, the internal communications team learnt how to use these services and how to align them to the communications content strategy that they had, following the AddIn365 methodology.

This was possible because AddIn365 are Office 365 and intranet specialists, that always start with helping organisations to adopt Office 365 services first.

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