The challenge

How do you build a business culture, that spans the world?

The company

Signant Health helps connect patients and researchers to bring life-changing therapies to families and communities around the world.

Uniting eCOA, eConsent, Patient Engagement, IRT, Clinical Supplies and Endpoint Quality into the industry’s most comprehensive patient-centric suite, Signant makes it easier to participate in – and sites and study teams to run – clinical trials. This intense focus on the patient experience, deep therapeutic area expertise and global operational scale enable sponsors to extend the reach of drug development, expand patient opportunities and improve data quality.

Signant Health required a single platform from which to communicate with all 2000 team members (employees). With roughly half of team members in the US and the other half in Finland, the UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Japan and India, Signant Health has a truly global workforce.

Multiple technology platforms are in use at Signant Health, in different business areas including: Slack, Jira, Office 365 and Confluence. A new communications platform would need to be available to all team members and meet the following functional requirements:

  • Team members need to be able to find the content they are looking for when they need it, even if that information is housed on another platform.
  • The site should seamlessly enable and encourage two-way communications and feedback (utilising existing channels such as Slack).
  • Team members need to feel that the news and information content published on the communications site is relevant to them – it should support content targeting.
  • Signant Health brand needs to be reflected in the look, feel and user experience of the site.
  • The site should have a modern user experience.
  • The site should connect team members to content in third party platforms.
Addin365 TSB Bank

The solution

Office 365’s SharePoint was selected as the new Signant Health communications platform.

Signant Health required a Microsoft partner to work with and selected AddIn365 and AddIn365’s communications product, AddIn Intranet, that enhances what Office 365 provides and delivers a rich employee experience, without replicating native functionality.

AddIn Intranet meets 100% of the functional requirements set out. AddIn365 is providing additional consulting services to get the site designed, architected and Signant Health’s editors trained.

Al Meyer, Director, Global Communications at Signant Health is responsible for the new global communications experience. “Microsoft has made SharePoint easy to edit and AddIn365’s product follows this editorial experience, so it’s easy for us to quickly pick up configuration of the site. We know our content so have been able to get going very quickly.”

Our business success is all about our people – their skills, differences, experience and potential. It’s important to us that there is an authentic connection between who we say we are and how it really feels to work here. One of the ways that we enable that, and a true hallmark of what makes our company special, is by communicating transparently. It was clear that we needed a platform that would form the central pillar in how we engage with our team members around the world and ensure that everyone is a part of the conversation that shapes our culture and fuels our performance.

Susie RobinsonChief People Officer

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