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Wavemaker Case Study

How do you bring together two companies on Office 365?

The Challenge

In June 2017 GroupM announced that two of its leading global networks, MEC and Maxus, would merge to form a brand new media, content and technology agency – Wavemaker.

Wavemaker brings together the best of both MEC and Maxus agencies; offering media, content and technology solutions all under one roof. Along with huge potential gains for customers, its merger also presented an operational challenge in its size and geographical spread. Wavemaker’s 8,500 employees are made up of 6,000 staff from MEC, 2,500 staff from Maxus, spread across 90 countries and 139 offices. Across these organisations and locations, different ways of working with customers and delivering work could be found. Wavemaker would need to feel and operate like one company.

David Kaganovsky, CTO at Wavemaker remarked, “the bringing together of two sizable agencies posed an operational challenge to the team, but also presented a huge opportunity for us to standardise our ways of working, to drive greater efficiency and productivity for our customers. We wanted to do this on Office 365, our corporate platform. We also wanted to move our employees off file shares and in to OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.”


The Solution

AddIn365 provided Wavemaker with AddIn Work Hub, which provides staff with a fully personalised dashboard to facilitate working across Office 365’s OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams and Delve. AddIn Work Hub provides an easy to use experience for work that is done both independently and collaboratively by employees.

AddIn365 also provided Wavemaker with a proprietary on-boarding methodology to bring different working groups on to the platform; standardising how the Office 365 services are used between teams and giving individuals the know-how and therefore the confidence to use Office 365. As part of this on-boarding, files were moved in to OneDrive from file shares.

AddIn365 upskilled the internal Wavemaker team to onboard employees, so that more employees could be onboarded simultaneously and Wavemaker have the framework to roll-out productivity services going forward.

Wavemaker selected AddIn365 as their Office 365 delivery partner to:

  • Deliver an Office 365 experience that would simplify the 10 productivity services, including SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, for employees.
  • Bring consistency to how Wavemaker use Office 365 to work; internally and externally.
  • On-board employees to Office 365 so that they are comfortable with Office 365 services and confident in using them.
  • Move documents from file shares to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

The Outcome

Wavemaker and AddIn365 have been onboarding different employee cohorts over two week periods. This has allowed for employee groups to undertake tasks between onboarding sessions. Results:

  • Employees have on average used AddIn Work Hub 4 times a day to step in to the right Office 365 service to do their work, demonstrating that Work Hub has simplified the Office 365 experience. The main reason to visit Work Hub has been to help employees get to relevant and personally useful information quickly across Office 365, in order to complete a task.
  • Microsoft Teams have been set up consistently between cohorts, standardising how Wavemaker employees are working together when engaging with customers and delivering projects.
  • OneDrive, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint communications sites and Microsoft Teams have been used on average 80 times a month by each employee, demonstrating that the on-boarding methodology has been successful in helping employees feel comfortable and confident with Office 365.
  • OneDrive has been adopted by 100% of employees in the first cohorts, who are co-authoring, sharing and actively using version control for their content creation.
  • 2/3 of on-boarded employees have each used content within SharePoint communications sites 50-75 times a month.
  • A significant share of user activity was moved to Microsoft Teams – 44% of all activity.
  • Documents have been moved in to OneDrive as part of on-boarding.
  • Delve search has been utilised daily via Work Hub by employees that have been on-boarded, ensuring that Wavemaker employees have taken up the Delve service and been able to locate the right content for their needs.

Want To See It In Action?

Employees across the world


Uses per month, by every on-boarded employee


use of OneDrive

By using AddIn365’s AddIn Work Hub product as a personalised front-end on to Office 365 and roll-out methodology, the following business objectives are targeted:

      • Operational consistency and standardisation of working practices across agency teams.
      • Ensuring the application of best practice across Wavemaker teams.
      • Facilitating clear accountability by ensuring decisions are made ‘out loud’.

Working with AddIn365, Wavemaker are also meeting IT objectives of:

        • Moving off file shares and in to OneDrive for Business.
        • Getting a speedy return on investment in Office 365, by on-boarding employees quickly and in such a way that they adopt the Office 365 services for day to day work.
        • Working with a technology partner – AddIn365 – that will evolve their products with Office 365 and manage support, device and browser compatibility for a great user experience on an ongoing basis.