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Interview with Microsoft Director of Product Adam Harmetz and the New Habits podcast team explore Viva Connections.

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Viva Connections

I’d like to watch the Adam Harmetz and Wes Hackett Viva Connections interview

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I’d like to listen to the New Habits podcast team explore Viva Connections 

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AddIn365 Discovery Session – Viva Connections with Adam Harmetz, Director of Product at Microsoft.

As Microsoft roll-out Viva Connections, Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CTO Wes Hackett caught up with Microsoft Director of Product Adam Harmetz - the mastermind behind Viva Connections. Adam and Wes discuss the vision and capabilities of Viva Connections.

The 6 videos taken from their conversation can be viewed below.

Thank you Adam, for your time and insights, AddIn365 and our customers are very excited for the Viva Connections launch and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

1. Introduction – What is Viva Connections and what should we be most excited about for its launch?

Adam tells the story of what led him and Microsoft to create Viva Connections and why its launch could not have come at a better time. 

To help unleash the full power of Viva Connections for our new and existing customers, AddIn365 has launched 3 new service offerings; covering technical set-up, communications strategy and brand alignment. Click the button below for full details.

2. How does Viva Connections help support communications teams looking to engage their employees?

Adam tells us the driving force behind the creation of Viva Connections was to turbo-charge strategic and corporate communications, and to provide a crucial central hub to sit within a multi-channel communications strategy. Wes predicts that thanks to the latest capabilities, employees will be truly empowered to build their own networks and communities.

AddIn365 will be running Communications Strategy Workshops to build content distribution models for Viva Connections. Click the button below for full course details.

3. How does Viva Connections support IT Teams and CIOs in providing their employees with the information they need.


Adam and Wes discuss what IT teams can be doing now to prepare for Viva Connections and how good internal partnerships between IT, Communications, HR and other stakeholders is key to achieving the business objectives Viva Connections can help meet.


 Addin365 will help to configure SharePoint correctly in order to turn on Viva Connections as part of a fixed price package of £3,000+VAT. Click the button below for full details.

4. How does Viva Connections support modern ways of working for organisations with a ‘back to work’ or ‘future of work’ strategy?

When we go back to work it is going to look different, Adam explains the important role Viva Connections takes in connecting remote workers, mobile workers, frontline workers and those lucky enough to be back at a desk in a post-pandemic world.



 The ways in which many of our customers' organisations are working is changing. To support modern ways of working AddIn365 has launched 3 new service offerings. Click the button below for full details.

5. How does Viva Connections support corporate identity whilst personalising each employees’ experience?

Viva Connections is a huge step forward in solving the issues of ‘which tool to use and when to use it’, by integrating each employees’ favourite apps and tools all from one place. Adam explains the importance of personalising each employees’ digital experience with intelligent app integration and powerful branding capabilities.

We understand how important brand identity and corporate messaging is to an effective communications strategy. AddIn365’s Creative and Page Kit will help to achieve brand alignment of corporate intranets with a Viva Connections compatible toolkit. Click the button below for full details.

6. What’s next for your team and Viva Connections?


The journey continues, Adam tells us what to expect next from Viva Connections including Viva Connections mobile expected to launch later this year.

AddIn365's in-house Microsoft MVPs, recognised as 3 of the foremost experts globally within the Microsoft 365 space, will be providing advisory sessions to those organisations interested in utilising Viva Connections. Click the button below to complete a contact form. 


New Habits; Discover Viva Connections

New Habits is a Microsoft Teams focussed podcast hosted by Microsoft MVPs Suzy Dean, Wes Hackett and Paul Schaeflein, each globally recognised as foremost experts within the Microsoft 365 space. During the MS Ignite Conference in March 2021 they discussed what the technology Viva Connections provides means for communications professionals, IT workers and Human Resources. You can listen for free below, or visit our Podcast Page for the full series. 

Speak with an MVP – If you’d like to discuss what Viva Connections might mean for your organisation you can request a session with Suzy or Wes in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The New Habits series is hosted by Podbean New Habits (