AddIn Work Hub

AddIn Work Hub is an add-in for Office 365 that brings together a collection of Office 365 services to assist the organisation in winning work, doing work and learning from both.

AddIn Work Hub provides staff a fully personalised dashboard to facilitate individual and group work, whether that work is operational, customer facing or delivery orientated.

AddIn Work Hub provides a framework through which employees can connect, discover, deliver and contribute their knowledge and experience.

All AddIn365 products:

  • Offer a responsive mobile experience and native mobile apps
  • Can be quickly branded to reflect your organisation’s visual identity
  • Come with the option of AddIn Analytics, a package that helps your organisation to track and measure employee usage patterns of the Office 365 platform and AddIn365 products
  • Can live alongside other custom applications and products you might already have in use

What value will the AddIn Work Hub add to my organisation?


Deliver to employees a personalised workspace where they can access the right content, at the right time, for their role


Promote knowledge transfer between teams and departments that are working on related projects and tasks


Enable staff to work together irrespective of location or time zone

Learn more

Download the Microsoft AddIn Work Hub briefing document and Microsoft case study.

Which Office 365 services does the AddIn Work Hub leverage?


AddIn Work Hub is a Microsoft Office 365 add-in that leverages the following Office 365 services: Outlook Calendar, SharePoint, Delve, Groups, Yammer, Video Portal, Articles and Boards.