Microsoft MVP’s Wes Hackett and Paul Schaeflein explore how IT can attract and retain top talent on the Modern CTO Podcast

15th June 2010

Microsoft’s Work Trend Index reports 46% of our workforce are considering a move. Microsoft MVP’s Wes Hackett and Paul Schaeflein explore….

How to retain your top IT talent

Listen as Wes Hackett and Paul Schaeflein, the CTO and the Technical Architect of Addin365, chat with Modern CTO Podcast host Joel Beasley to explore why providing clear career roadmaps and being radically transparent are key for retaining top talent.

Wes and Paul explain how their clients get the most out of the Microsoft Suite, and how difficult and rewarding it is to be confronted with new challenges every day.


Listen to discover Wes and Paul’s take on:

  • The last 12 months, a world of change
  • The latest technical releases within Microsoft 365 and how they are helping the world’s most forward thinking organisations
  • How IT can stay in control against a world in motion, and what tools should be utilised
  • How should IT be working with Communications departments and business leaders
  • Combating a global skills and labour shortage with knowledge sharing
  • The appetite for change and evolution
  • What should the employee experience look like?


Guest introduction – Wes Hackett, Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CTO

Wes leads customer and product strategy at AddIn365. He has been working with Microsoft 365 since its 2007 release and has led the delivery of the world’s largest Microsoft 365 implementations, for  some of the most organisationally complex companies that include WPP, Astrazeneca, Signant Health and St. James’s Place Wealth Management.

Wes has been a Microsoft MVP for 9 years. MVP status is only given to a handful of individuals by Microsoft, globally, for their technical expertise. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions and to solve real world problems.

As a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Apps and Services, Wes enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge, speaking at Microsoft events such as TechDays Online, Future Decoded and Ignite conferences.


Guest introduction – Paul Schaeflein, Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 Technical Architect

Paul leads product development at AddIn365. Recognised by Microsoft as one of the world’s foremost experts in their technology stack, Paul co-hosts the Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast.

Paul has been a Microsoft MVP for 11 years. MVP status is only given to a handful of individuals by Microsoft, globally, for their technical expertise.

Paul speaks regularly at Microsoft’s Ignite and Build conferences and the European Collaboration Summit, sharing best practice development methods for the wider developer community.

Founded by Microsoft MVP’s and supported by our working partnership with Microsoft, we have built a team of highly skilled specialists that continuously look to improve the digital employee experiences available in the workplace today. AddIn365 bring together the knowledge and experience of technology and product design experts and a boundless view of what’s possible.  

Our suite of products has been shaped by the real-world challenges and barriers our clients’ face, and meet the ever-evolving communication, collaboration, and engagement ambitions of many of the world’s best known and most structurally complex brands. We harness the full power of Microsoft 365 and extend it with our add-ins, to achieve your business objectives and deliver digital workplace environments which help unleash the full potential of your employees. 

As the world around us changes and new challenges arise, we believe we have a greater responsibility than ever before to provide the necessary connections and capabilities people need to do incredible things, wherever and however they are working, for their organisations to thrive.  

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