Networks and Communities blog series: How to launch a community

Written by Suzy Dean

Having enjoyed 16 years within the Microsoft eco-system Suzy has an unrivalled and unequivocal understanding of what solutions organisations need to perform at their best and how to meet those requirements on time and in budget. One of the three Microsoft MVP’s within Addin365, Suzy applies her acute understanding of digital possibilities when leading the leadership team and their clients.

15th June 2010


The world has changed, the importance of building networks and communities

As hybrid work becomes the norm, employee experience and engagement are more important than ever. The way that people work and connect with their co-workers has shifted, and research shows that flexible work is here to stay.

Employee engagement is now critical to business success. Survey data from Microsoft 2022 Work Trend Index revealed that 43% percent of employees are extremely likely leaving their current employer this year – up from 41% of likely last year. This number is 52% for gen z and millennials. This level of turnover has big implications for how companies recruit, onboard, retain talent, and support overall development and employee wellbeing. It’s a new game of talent acquisition and retention in which employee engagement and the overall employee experience play a critical role.


How to build your own community

Suzy regularly speaks at conferences across the country to advice forward thinking organisations on how to enhance their employee experiences. As part of the employee engagement series held in the Summer of 2022 Suzy published the following infographic to support organisations when looking to build their own communities. If you’d like to discover more and ‘Speak with an MVP’ please enquire by clicking here.

Engaged employees with sociable work environments help boost morale, provide inter-team encouragement and help bring out the very best of themselves and the people they work with. By including the above steps in their communication strategies, our customers cultivate satisfied employees who are connected, empowered, and increasingly aligned to the business vision.

As the world around us changes and new challenges arise, Suzy Dean and our team at AddIn365 believe we have a greater responsibility than ever before to provide the necessary connections and capabilities people need to do incredible things, wherever and however they are working, for their organisations to thrive.


If you’d like to discover how AddIn365 can help enhance your Microsoft 365 employee experience drop us a hello via the contact form below.


Suzy Dean, Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CEO

Suzy Dean is a Microsoft MVP and has spent 16 years designing, delivering, and implementing the digital employee experiences of many of the world’s best-known brands. Suzy is CEO of AddIn365, a London based Microsoft Charter Partner, of which she founded in 2016 to deliver personalised employee experiences on Microsoft 365 to enable people to do their best work. Suzy and her team design and deliver employee experiences on Microsoft 365 for many of the world’s best known brands and structurally complex organisations.

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