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Quarterly Review: What’s new with AddIn365 and Office 365?

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Written by Kerstin Roubin

Kirstin leads the customer engagement team at AddIn365 to organise events, webinars and face-to-face sessions to communicate how AddIn365 products increase value and ROI on investments made in Office 365.

29th November 2016

AddIn365 will be running a round table event for customers on 13th December, at our Shoreditch offices, in London.

Microsoft updates to Office 365 are running at more than one every day. In 2015 more than 400 updates were made to the Office 365 platform.

The AddIn365 Quarterly Review is an opportunity for AddIn365 customers to understand what’s new with Office 365, corresponding updates to AddIn365 products, and to learn about how these new tools and updates can be utilised.

Wes Hackett, CTO, will provide an overview of what’s new with Office 365, what’s next on the AddIn365 roadmap, and the use cases for these new services.

John Berkoski, Customer Success Director, will then share roll out recommendations for these new capabilities.

If you are an existing AddIn365 customer and would like to attend the event, please register with John Berkoski, Customer Success Director.

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