AddIn365 CTO, Wes Hackett, will be speaking at Microsoft Ignite, The Tour, alongside Microsoft’s Dan Fernandez Cao on how to ‘Unleash the power of Teams with the extensibility of the platform.’

Microsoft Ignite, The Tour, is designed to be a place where developers and tech professionals continue learning alongside experts. The latest developer tools and cloud technologies can be explored and attendees learn how to put skills to work in new areas. Microsoft Ignite, The Tour, is also an opportunity to connect with the Microsoft community to gain practical insights and best practises on the future of cloud development, data, IT, and business intelligence. More than 350 experts will present 100 deep-dive sessions and workshops at Microsoft Ignite’s London tour.

Wes and Dan’s session details are as follows.

Want to learn how to take the value of Teams to the next level? In this session for IT professionals and developers, we will unveil the Teams platform and how to integrate actionable experiences alongside your chat experience. Creating interactive bots, apps, connectors (and more) that extend to the mobile experience is straightforward. Come join this session to see a demonstrated framework for creating experiences for a variety of business scenarios.

Date: Tuesday, February 26
Time: 2:10 PM – 3:10 PM
Room: Capital Suite 11
Location: Breakout 7
Session Type: Module: 60 minutes
Session Code: INT30
Learning Path: Developing Microsoft 365 applications and integrations
Topic: Application Development
Level: Advanced (300)

Further information about Microsoft Ignite, The Tour, can be found here.