1. Help employees to locate your intranet. Your employees are using Teams regularly for calling, so you can extend the reach of your intranet by making it available where most of your employees already are.  

2. Empower employees with personalised content. Viva Connections provides employees with a personal view of their files, sites and news all from the left hand rail. 

3. Support personalised news and communications. Employees can select to see specific news channels, which will personalise their intranet navigation.  

Improve employee morale through Viva Connections

Microsoft Teams now boasts an astonishing 145 million daily users, a number that has more than doubled since the beginning of 2020. 

4. Simplify your mobile story. From late summer, the Viva Connections mobile app will be available, which will provide your employees with access to their Microsoft Teams and SharePoint content. 

5. Provide a one-stop shop. Viva Connections dashboard allows for multiapp interface; perfect for providing employees with their holidays, line of business information and news highlights all from one place.  

6. Please your communications team. New tools to boost content rankings, set mandatory reads and deliver third party news are all coming soon.  

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