Sparking Innovation: Addin365 at the MVP Summit! 

The Microsoft MVP Summit is a fantastic, invite-only gathering where over 2,000 MVPs and RDs from 80+ countries come together. During the summit, MVPs (Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals) connect with Microsoft’s product owners. Microsoft MVPs share insights, provide feedback, and brainstorm ways to enhance Microsoft’s products. 

This year, two of our MVPs – Wes Hackett and Paul Schaeflein – will be attending this exclusive Summit. Located at the Microsoft Redmond Campus, it’s all about learning, networking, and sparking ideas, and our MVPs are excited to be there. But how does that help you? 

Wes and Paul will have the opportunity to participate, input, and shape roadmaps for SharePoint, Viva, Teams, CoPilot and many more products. This feedback that Wes and Paul share with Microsoft is based on our client’s needs. 

We want to ensure that Microsoft products for our IT and internal communications stakeholders continues to be the industry standard for excellence. Wes and Paul’s attendance at the Summit means they will be able to advocate for updates to products that will meet existing or future requirements.  

Wes Hackett, CTO at Addin365 has said “At Summit, what we learn about the Microsoft roadmap is used to shape our own product roadmaps, so that our solutions continue to compliment the Microsoft roadmap and not compete with it. This helps our clients to maximise their return on investment in Microsoft and Addin365 products.” 

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Meet our MVPs

Wes Hackett MVP

Wes Hackett

AddIn365 CTO and Microsoft MVP

Wes Hackett is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at AddIn365. As CTO, his main responsibilities include leading the development team and supporting clients in understanding and using Microsoft 365: Viva, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

Wes holds Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) status for 10 years and counting. MVPs are technology experts who are always on the ‘bleeding edge’. They have very deep knowledge of Microsoft products and services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems. MVP status is only given to a handful of individuals by Microsoft, globally.

Paul Schaeflein MVP

Paul Schaeflein

AddIn365 Technical Architect and Microsoft MVP

Paul Schaeflein is Technical Architect at AddIn365 with experience in architecting, designing and developing software solutions. This experience covers a vast range of technologies, languages and industries.

Paul is a co-host of the Microsoft 365 Developer Podcast. In addition, Paul is a top-rated speaker, having presented at SharePoint Evolutions, the Microsoft SharePoint Conference and TechEd conferences, as well as user groups.