‘Women at Wavemaker’ was an event held on 5th March 2019, as part of International Women’s Week.

The event was designed to supports and empower female employees at WPP agency, Wavemaker.

Suzy Dean, AddIn365 CEO, was invited to speak on the question ‘Can women add something different to leadership roles, and how have your own experiences influenced your leadership style?’ to 250 employees and media owners from Google, Facebook, ITV, Channel Four and Sky.

The event boasted a fantastic panel of high-achieving women.

Introduction: Camilla Bruggen, Emily Fairhead-Keen, Heads of Women@Wavemaker

Terri White, Editor, Empire Magazine
Suzy Dean, CEO, Addin 360
Kate Waters, Chief Creative Officer ITV
Katherine Alexander, CEO Talent Investors
Candice Odhams, MD Wavemaker

Suzy Dean said of the event, “it was an honour to be invited to speak on women and leadership within the workplace and have the opportunity to delve a bit deeper in to why there are not more women at the top, in business. I think the reasons are social and political more than anything else and encouraged all of the attendees to look at the impact that family life has on womens ability to progress their careers, when the cost of childcare is so high.”