AddIn365 CEO Suzy Dean will be speaking at Cogx on 8th June 2020, alongside John Kerry, Martha Lane Fox, Martin Sorrell and Steve Shirley.

The CogX Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Breakthrough Technology takes place on 8-10th June. With 30,000 participants, it is one of the largest future of technology events that takes place each year.

Suzy will be presenting a session on behalf of Microsoft, demonstrating how organisations can scale using the latest in AI and bot technology, within Microsoft Teams.

Suzy has said of the event, “at a time when there is a big focus on increasing employee efficiency, I am pleased to be running a session that explains how that efficiency can be achieved, to help organisations do more, with less.”

The session details are as follows:

How to use AI, bots and Microsoft Teams to scale your start-up
Start-ups challenge their markets with innovative new offerings, but often struggle to scale their founder experts and grow their businesses.
This session will demonstrate how using bot and AI in the Microsoft Teams context can help you to deliver the gold standard experience to customers – consistently – even as less experienced team members begin to take a lead.
This session will also demonstrate how using bot and AI capabilities in Microsoft Teams can help you to respond to RFPs quickly and with your best responses.