Microsoft’s Apprenticeship programme was launched nationally in 2010 to give promising, motivated young people a vital first step in their ICT careers. The Microsoft Apprenticeship programme is government backed and to date has placed over 7,000 apprentices, many of them going on to secure productive roles in their chosen businesses.

AddIn365 have partnered with the Microsoft Apprenticeship programme to offer full time Customer Engagement roles. The programme will provide the apprentices with recognised training courses to compliment AddIn365 training, provided over an 18 month period.

Suzy Dean, CEO at AddIn365 has said, “we are pleased to join a programme that provides young people with an opportunity to join the Microsoft eco-system and simultaneously helps us to tackle the skills shortage in our sector. Where AddIn365 are making a big investment in the programme, as a young company looking for bright sparks to join our ranks, it feels like the right recruitment choice for us.”

AddIn365 are offering two apprenticeship positions. Details of the role can be found here.