AddIn365 has been invited to Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond, for a Microsoft Dev Kitchen event, to get to grips with the new SharePoint framework ahead of public release.

SharePoint Dev Kitchen is an in-person few-days event where a team from the SharePoint Product Group ask attendees for feedback around an area of the SharePoint product that they are developing. The Dev Kitchen is a mix of presentations by the Product Group developers who built the particular feature, providing an introduction to the new concepts and an opportunity for attendees to apply the newly acquired knowledge by building SharePoint solutions.

Wes Hackett, CTO at AddIn365, will attend the event on behalf of AddIn365 and has said, “it is an honour to have been invited to this closed doors event. Having such early access to – and understanding of – new Office 365 roadmap features allows us to shape the AddIn365 products to be exactly in line with the Office 365 trajectory, keeping our customers aligned with the Office 365 roadmap.”