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AddIn365 have moved to 44-48 Paul Street, London. 

AddIn365 have moved London headquarters

 AddIn365 People and Culture Manager, Anna Dennis, has said of the move, “we have had a great year and our London team has doubled in size. We wanted a space that will allow for further growth as we go into 2023. I am excited that this will be our first self-managed office, with dedicated meeting and board rooms for our team and clients to use.”

AddIn365 CEO, Suzy Dean, had commented, “This move signals a big step change for AddIn365 as we move into our second year of our three year growth plan. To support our product R&D we have invested in an AI centre at Paul Street that will help us to develop our augmented reality (AR) product lines that will come to market in 2023.”

AddIn365 have moved offices from The Frames in Shoreditch, London.  

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