AddIn365 CEO and Microsoft MVP, Suzy Dean, will be taking part in Microsoft’s Hackathon on Tuesday 28th July 2020, in Dublin.

Microsoft Hackathons are designed to drive hack culture and support small scale innovation at Microsoft.

The Product Engineering team in Dublin have invited MVPs to present at the One Hack Week, which is hosted each year. The purpose of the hack is for Microsoft employees in Dublin to come together share ideas and create solutions/apps that help the community, customers, education, healthcare and more.

Suzy has been invited to deliver a 30 to 45 minute presentation with a focus on Teams and Office365 in the real world.

Suzy will be presenting on how project delivery personnel are making use of Microsoft Teams in the real world, to drive business value. Suzy has said of the presentation, “in helping Microsoft to understand when Teams is delivering solid ROI for groups of employees, we support their innovation cycles and product development, which in turn helps to generate more value to the organisations they serve. It is a privilege to have such a close relationship with Microsoft product decision makers and strengthens our own customer relationships.”