AddIn365 CEO, Suzy Dean, led the Modern Workplace session at Microsoft’s Global Inspire Conference alongside Giovanni Mezgec, General Manager at Microsoft.

Suzy had been invited to speak following a number of successful large-scale Microsoft 365 deployments, that have delivered high levels of employee adoption. Suzy shared her tips with Inspire attendees – other Microsoft partners – on how they can deliver customer success with Microsoft 365 and build a profitable business at the same time.

The session ‘Building a modern workplace today with Microsoft 365’ is a featured session that was attended by 1200 guests. Suzy can be heard in the video recording below from 43 minutes.

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Inspire is a conference held annually by Microsoft for its partner community. At Inspire, partners learn about Microsoft’s roadmap for the upcoming year. There are also keynote addresses from Microsoft executives, featured speakers and business-track specific offerings for the 20,000 attendees.