AddIn365 has been selected by TSB Bank to deliver a company wide Office 365 digital workplace to 8,600 employees; covering Office 365 intranet and Office 365 collaboration capabilities. AddIn Intranet, AddIn Work Hub and AddIn Analytics will all be deployed by AddIn365. AddIn365 partner Mando will be responsible for the TSB Office 365 digital workplace content and adoption programme.

AddIn365 saw off competition from the UK’s most established Microsoft partners to win the bid, signaling a wind change in the market away from large system integrators. Product based vendor AddIn365 is increasingly the partner of choice for enterprise level Office 365 digital workplace projects thanks to the agility and speed with which the team deliver.

Suzy Dean, CEO at AddIn365 has said, “this is an ambitious and ground breaking project that we are excited to take a lead in; TSB are the first high street bank in the UK to move to Office 365. We are lucky enough to have great values alignment across TSB, AddIn365 and Mando, which stands us in good stead as we work together. The TSB Office 365 digital workplace team have been pioneering in their desire for a straightforward and impactful approach to delivering their digital workplace, that will support real cultural change at the bank. It is an added bonus that we have such a great opportunity to show the market that regulated industries can safely transition to the cloud.”

AddIn365 and Mando have secured a 5 year contract with TSB.