In this webinar, AddIn365 will be focusing on how organisations can evolve employee working habits from working in email and file share, to working in Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Wes and Chris will demonstrate AddIn365’s products and methodology for delivering this workplace transformation and delivering a high level of adoption. To evidence this approach, three sets of customer success metrics will be shared.

This session will be led by Wes Hackett. Wes is an Office 365 MVP; recognised by Microsoft as a global Office 365 expert.


  • Wes Hackett, AddIn365 CTO and Office 365 MVP
  • Chris Whitbread, Customer Engagement Manager

In this webinar, AddIn365 will cover:

  • How employees can move on from email and file share and adopt Microsoft Teams and OneDrive, to collaborate effectively on documents and projects.
  • A case study featuring WPP agency, Wavemaker, that has successfully adopted Microsoft Teams and OneDrive using AddIn365’s products and roll-out method.
  • Q&A with Office 365 MVP, Wes Hackett.

Date and Time:
The webinar will take place on Wednesday 21st November, 10:00-10:45 GMT.

To Register:
Please send an email to with ‘ways of working webinar’ in the subject space. Please include your email footer so we can send you an Outlook invitation and login.

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