Microsoft launched Viva Connections in 2021 as a tool to bring the intranet into Microsoft Teams. Today Viva Connections is a rich, mobile-first toolset that provides communicators with a wide range of methods to tailor and personalise communications.  

Viva Connections consist of:  

  • A personalised newsfeed that surfaces content from across SharePoint, Teams and third-party news sources. 
  • A targeted navigation, from SharePoint.  
  • The Viva Connections Dashboard, which provides a relevant and actionable view of information and tasks. Content on the Dashboard can be targeted to users in specific roles, markets, and job functions. 

With many organisations having hybrid office workers, some with contact centre and frontline staff, how should delivering Viva Connections be approached? How does it fit with intranet, or digital workplace, projects?  


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The intended audience for this webinar is Communications and Marketing.


  • Introduction to Microsoft Charter Partner AddIn365 Global experts in SharePoint, Viva Connections and Microsoft Teams. Learn who we work with and how we deliver value.
  • What is Viva Connections? Learn about the different communications tools within Viva Connections, from the universal news feed to the Viva Connections Dashboard.
  • What are the use cases for the Viva Connections tools available? Hear how the different Viva Connections tools can be used to deliver increased personalisation and relevance of content to your employees.
  • How should organisations approach rolling out these capabilities? Hear our global expert explain how the Viva Connections toolset can fit with an intranet project or be leveraged post-Live.
  • Use mobile to deliver maximum content relevance. With exclusive Viva Connections demos on desktop and mobile we’ll show you how to connect with your employees with tailored communications – wherever they are working.

Speak with a Microsoft MVP – This webinar provides the opportunity for attendees to ask questions.

Benefits of attending this webinar

Hear from a global expert that has deployed Viva Connections with global organisations, on what works. 

Hear some tales from the trenches when it comes to use case selection and project timing – the good, the bad and the ugly.  

Learn about the opportunities and benefits Viva Connections can offer your organisation.  



To confirm your attendance and receive a calendar invitation please complete the registration form below by clicking your preferred time below.


Meet your host

Suzy Dean, AddIn365 CEO and Microsoft MVP 

Amongst the 1 million Microsoft practitioners globally, there are a few hundred awarded MVP status for their elite expertise in Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. AddIn365 is home to three of them. Suzy Dean has been a Microsoft MVP for four years and has been responsible for the delivery of intranets, portals and communications capabilities, into organisations, since 2004.  

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