With AI the focus of many conversations at the moment, it’s important to understand its potential impact and how to start using it across your digital workplace.

New AI innovations and products are being released regularly, prompting many IT professionals to ask “When is it the right time to start using AI?” and “Which products should I introduce first?”

Microsoft has launched some new AI capabilities like Microsoft Syntex, and SharePoint in Copilot is also on the horizon. As IT leaders partner with the business to think about their digital workplace approach, they should become familiar with these new AI products.

In this webinar, 10-time Microsoft MVP and AddIn365 CTO, Wes Hackett shared what AI-powered products are available to you, which products you should adopt initially, and what AI products are coming from Microsoft in the future.

If you’re looking to deliver a new digital workplace (intranet) in Microsoft 365 and are considering when and how to start with AI, watching this webinar on demand will help you define which course of action is right for your organisation.


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