AddIn365 CEO, Suzy Dean, has today been announced as a Microsoft Office 365 MVP.

MVP status is given to a handful of individuals, globally, who are recognised by Microsoft as being technology innovators, thought leaders and community contributors.

Suzy has said of receiving the award, “it is truly an honour to be awarded MVP status by Microsoft, from a community of millions of professionals. I have always been passionate about helping organisations and the partner eco-system to get to grips with what Office 365 provides and to utilise those capabilities to deliver business value. It is wonderful to have been recognised for it.”

Suzy is the third Microsoft MVP to be awarded at AddIn365, alongside Paul Schaefliein (9 years) and Wes Hackett (6 years).

AddIn365 is the only Microsoft UK partner with 3 Office 365 MVPs, making AddIn365 a world-class Office 365 provider.

You can see Suzy’s Microsoft MVP profile here.