Addin365 provide thought leadership

We are delighted to announce that AddIn365, for a second year, are speakers at the Employee Engagement Summit.

AddIn365 CEO and Microsoft MVP Suzy Dean will be leading many of the world’s best communicators and digital strategists in presenting at the summit.

Breakfast roundtable: Practical ways marcomms can deliver employee engagement and fuel employee productivity

Dull digital workplaces and too few opportunities to engage with colleagues and leadership can lead to feelings of isolation and disengagement within the workforce.

In times of recession organisations look to fund initiatives that will drive productivity. By ensuring that digital employee engagement projects drive productivity as well as employee engagement, digital employee experiences can continue to improve even in tough economic periods.

In this session, Suzy Dean from AddIn365, market leaders In delivering digital employee experiences in Microsoft 365, will workshop with roundtable attendees how common digital employee engagement initiatives can drive productivity. We will look at how to best utilise the latest technologies in Microsoft 365 to design and enhance your digital employee experience – and drive measurable productivity gains.

Roundtable benefits

In this interactive, knowledge sharing roundtable we’ll explore:

How HR can deliver New Employee Onboarding experiences that will smooth the first stage of employment and help new starters to be productive quickly.

How Events teams can organise their events calendar, run streamline events and provide employees with registration and attendance information to engage them with the content and increase information absorption and retention.

How Communications teams can build networks and online communities that support employee inclusion and disseminate knowledge and experience widely.


How to attend 

19th April 2023

You must be registered for the Employee Engagement Summit to attend. You can register to attend here (free of charge).