AddIn365 have been selected by Highways England to deliver an internal communication and collaboration experience for the A428 project. A428 is a joint venture between AECOM, MOLA Headland Infrastructure, Skanska and Strata Geotechnics.

The A428 is a £1.4bn Critical Infrastructure Project that is a part of the trans-European network and connects the East of England to the major hubs of Felixstowe and Harwich ports. The upgrade will create a new 16km dual roadway connecting the Black Cat and Caxton Gibbet roundabouts.

AddIn365 will be using AddIn Intranet to meet internal communication requirements and AddIn Work Hub to deliver team-working requirements.

AddIn Intranet makes use of SharePoint Modern and Stream, adding in a creative and page kit, for enhanced branding and user experience.

AddIn Work Hub helps employees to adopt Microsoft Teams using the latest in AI and bot technology, centralising A428 project work on an A428 tenant.

Wes Hackett, CTO at AddIn365 has said, “we are really pleased to be delivering another digital workplace for Highways England. We fully expect to deliver the same great results here, as we have done for A303 and the Lower Thames Crossing.”