The Lawyer Legal Transformation Summit 18th-21st March 2024: Addin365 Demonstrate How to Get the Best from SharePoint Premium  

We’re thrilled to be speaking at The Lawyer Legal Transformation Summit (LTS) this month where we’ll be demonstrating the full power of Microsoft 365’s SharePoint Premium. We will show how it can transform the way your legal team works – you’ll become more efficient and productive than you ever were before. 

The LTS has bought together a series of expert speakers to highlight the latest innovations and demonstrate how best to utilise them. Amongst the speakers will be one of our Microsoft MVPs, Wes Hackett, who will be taking the stage as an industry expert for the following session: 

How Can Legal Teams Get the Best Out of Microsoft 365? 


19/03 16:00 (GMT/UTC) – Group 2 

Microsoft Office 365: (almost) everyone has it – what can you do with it that you didn’t know you could? From contract assembly to automatic classification and approval workflows, in this session we will demo and discuss how Microsoft 365 can make our lives as legal professionals easier. 

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If you are part of an in-house legal department and work in legal operations or are passionate about technology and looking to transform your legal function, The Lawyer Legal Transformation Summit is for you! 

Join us in London on 19th March 2024 and learn how to get the best out of Microsoft 365. We hope to see you there. 

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