Addin365 successfully rolled out an Office 365 digital workplace to global mobile phone operator Truphone, in only nine business days. In week one of Live, Truphone engaged 50% of their global workforce in using all 14 Office 365 services, increasing to 59% in month two. Three months from launch, Truphone’s Office 365 adoption figured have increased 20% again, reaching 70% in February 2016 and maintaining this number through March 2016.

Suzy Dean, CEO at AddIn365 has said, “For organisations to reach numbers of 70-100% takes time because the exercise of adoption is primarily a change management task, as behaviours evolve from email to Office 365. It is not possible for organisations to reach 100% employee adoption of any new platform instantly. The Truphone journey is an inspiring one, each month their employee adoption of Office 365 increases and as it does so, internal communications and collaboration improves. Simultaneously, Truphone’s return on investment in Office 365 grows, which makes their Office 365 digital workplace initiative an end to end success.”

The AddIn365 Truphone case study can be read here: